Don’t Go For Broke: 3 Simple Ways to Save Money in College

About two weeks ago I got a call from my mother that went a little something like this:

My Mom: “Hi, I’m calling to tell you that I just received your bank statement.”

Me: “Oh… Yeah, I know, I’m broke.”

My Mom: “It’s all Starbucks. You have literally spent hundreds of dollars on Starbucks.”

Clearly, I have a mild addiction to Starbucks; however, the point of me sharing my story is to impart to College Cures readers that there are ways to save on things that you will definitely be purchasing almost every day.

Way to Save #1:

Assuming that you are a coffee addict like myself, you know that those daily coffee fixes add up – and fast. That $3 mocha-espresso-grande-double shot-extra pump – coffee every morning will kill your bank account without fail. Say you are spending $3 a day, 5 days a week on just your coffee. That’s $15 a week and $60 a month that you could be saving for something you really need.

If you do not already have one, invest in a coffee maker for your dorm. No, making the coffee yourself is not the same as having the baristas make your favorite drink, but think of how much your wallet (and most likely, your parents) will thank you!

Way to Save #2:

Ordering take out three nights a week is not going to help you save your money. We all know that dining hall gets old fast, but if you are serious about cutting back on your spending,  limiting the 10pm trips to the nearest Chinese restaurant or pizza place is a good choice. By going out to eat two or three times a month (as opposed to two-three times a week), you will have a lot more money in your bank account than you would think.

Way to Save #3:

Buying alcohol and going out is not worth going broke over. Beer/liquor can get expensive and the $5 it usually costs to get into parties is also a sure way to eat your wallet. By curbing your party and drinking habits by even just one weekend a month, you could be saving yourself about $15 for every night you do not go out.

Just because the stereotype is to be a broke college student doesn’t mean you have to be. By making good choices with your money now, you will set yourself up with good habits that will hopefully continue as you make your way into life after college.

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