With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you may be trying to muster up some gift ideas to give that special someone.

Thinking of going a different route this year? Trying to steer clear of the cliche box of chocolates and teddy? Here are some some unique and unconventional gift ideas for your boyfriend, girlfriend or that special “someone”:

Couple in Love


For Him

Whether you’ve been with your man for five weeks or five years, trying to find a gift for him always manages to become a difficult task for some women.

Fret not! When it comes to finding a gift for him, is actually easier than you think.

Try putting together of the things he enjoys or needs.

If you know he hasn’t been food shopping in a month, why not head to the store and gather up all of his favorite items and throw them into a nice basket?

Top it off with his favorite shaving cream, candy or magazine and you’ve got yourself a bunch of stuff he wants AND needs.

Flower Power

You can never fail with flowers. There’s something about them that women love and makes any girl’s heart melt.

Flowers such as roses and carnations may be a little redundant. Instead, try getting her a flower mix like a wildflower bouquet or a collection of lilies. The uniqueness of the flowers can represent the uniqueness of your woman. If she has a favorite color, look for flowers in that color family. If you know she has a lilac perfume, see if lilacs can be ordered.

The more specific you get, the more special she will feel.

Bottoms Up!

Try getting him a nice bottle of his favorite liquor or wine.

To “top it off”, you can even tie a cute ribbon around it or have it gift wrapped with some special paper at the store.

Briefs or Boxers?

A nice or exclusive pair of briefs or boxers may be something he could use. But instead of buying him the typical “I love you” briefs or boxers, buy solid colored ones and have them personalized with your own special message.

Sit Back and Relax

Your man probably works hard and could use a day off. Maybe you could treat him to a day at the spa or bring the spa to his dorm/apartment. Give him a massage, scratch his back, do whatever you can to make his life a little bit easier.

Men deserve to be pampered, too!

For Her

Women may be a little bit easier to shop for (or it could be that I’m a little biased) but again, for some men, picking out a gift for their lady can be a very daunting. Here are a few gift ideas you may want to play with:

Pillow Talk

Can’t find the right words to say how you feel? Try saying it with pillow cases. Bold Loft offers a selection of cute pillow cases designed with simple ‘him and her’ stick figures displaying affection for one another.

Your girl will “Ooo” and “ahh” over such a cute and thoughtful gift.

Wine and Dine Her–YOURSELF!

It’s always nice to take your lady out to eat, but if you didn’t make reservations ahead of time for Valentine’s Day, you might as well bring comfortable shoes because you’ll be waiting for a table all night.

Rather than going out to eat, stay indoors. Hook up a romantic evening at your place for her. The fact that you took the time to prepare a special dinner for her means more than just picking up the check at a restaurant.


There are many other unconventional gifts to get your man or your woman. You just have to use your imagination a little to take a traditional gift and make it your own. You can even get as creative as making your own gifts like a card or putting together a cute collage.

Whatever you decide to get your loved one, remember that it’s the thought that counts.

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