We all know how important community service hours are for college applications. But how important is it once you’re already in college?

Believe it or not, having community service hours can be very beneficial. It can help build your character and your social skills as well as adding personal and professional satisfaction.

Community Service



The benefits of volunteering are endless!

Don’t think of it as free labor. Instead, think about it as you serving the community you live in. There’s more than money to gain by volunteering:

– As mentioned, you’re serving the community you live in. So not only are you a part of your school’s community, but the surrounding community as well.

– A lot of job applications ask for you to list your leadership skills. Leading a community service project is a great asset to put on your applications and resumes.

– You never know who you might meet; maybe the person volunteering next to you will be someone you want to network with.

-You’ll take on more responsibility, demonstrating to others your capability of multitasking.

– Not only is it beneficial to your job applications and resumes, but it’s also beneficial to put on scholarship applications.

– You’ll gain great pride and strength within yourself knowing you’ve helped others.

– Other people will be greatly appreciative of your generous gesture.

Types of Community Service

– Preschools and daycares

– Nursing homes

– Cleaning up neighborhoods, parks, beaches, etc.

– Rebuilding parks

– Boys/Girls Scout

– Tutoring for kids who stay at an after school program

– Volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen

Community service can be a wonderful experience if you choose something that intrigues you. Consider your skills and talents and see if you can find a community service project where you can put them to use.

Some colleges require you to do community service work while attending school. Find out at your local student activities center and learn what types of volunteering opportunities are available for you.

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