College Fundraising Tips: How to Run a Philanthropy

In light of the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake, many people, including college students, are concerned for the well-being of victims of natural disease and disasters.

College students make up a significant portion of energetic, progressive young people willing to put their services towards charity. However, for many, coming up with ideas of how to effectively raise money for a cause can be difficult.

If you’re looking to start a charity or create a charitable event at your school, check out these tips to get you going:

Students Raise Money for the American Red Cross
Students Raise Money for the American Red Cross from

1. Think like a student.

Trying to overthink an event is a mistake. You are targeting other students like yourself, so think like one.

Try planning events that you yourself would find enjoyable or easy. The ideal philanthropy can be participated by anyone simply walking by.

For example, my fraternity threw a barbeque a week after the tsunami on our front lawn during lunch hours.

Low charges and good food attracted many college students who were hungry, could use an affordable meal, and cared (doesn’t this sound like you?).

If you want to get creative with it, make sure that you don’t overcomplicate it for the people who will be donating.

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2. Location, location, location.

Where your event is held is a big deal. Obviously, if more people can see it, more people will be interested and inclined to come by.

It is also better if philanthropies could be held in areas that make it convenient to attend, such as the Campus Commons or Quads near dorms and other highly populated areas with a lot of traffic.

Make sure you call and receive approval from whoever is in possession of the area you would like to hold your event in.

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3. Advertise.

The more you advertise, the better. In fact, good advertising can increase turnout almost exponentially as friends spread the word to their friends.

Facebook is of course the obvious first choice. It takes less than ten minutes to come up with an event and invite all of your friends from your school.

Also, try posting flyers on bulletin boards and handing them out at places like commons or bus stops. People can also hold large, colorful eye-catching signs the day of the event to direct people towards it.

Just make sure to respect any rules about where you can hand out flyers or advertise.

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4. Minimize cost.

Sure, we all wish we could hold phenomenal cool events. However, some events can be very expensive and you will lose a lot of money.

Instead, try thinking of things that can be set up for low cost (talent shows, bowling tournaments, cookouts, etc). There are many resources available, and local businesses will sometimes make donations of their goods or services or even money for a chance to advertise themselves in a good light.

There have been many sweet philanthropic events this year ranging from poker tournaments and fantasy football to eating contests of all types of food.

With a little thinking and effort, you can make a difference in the world.

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