This is a Guest Blog Post by Charmaine Ng

After starting my social media internship at BookRenter, I began introducing myself as a senior at the University of Oregon. The words felt foreign on my tongue. I couldn’t possibly have only one year left.


It’s finally settling in, but I’m prepared to have as much fun with senior year as I can. Here are some tipsfor seniors who have also faced reality:

1. Take random, interesting classes – whatever strikes your fancy.

Learn hip hop at your recreational center, or master American Sign Language. If you have the freedom and the time, it’s always a good ideato get outside of your major. I’ll probably take some film and magazine editing classes.

2. Attend all home football games.

I’m not a big sports fan, but football is a huge deal at Oregon (youmight have heard that we went to the BCS National Championship last year?). Even if you have no cluewhat’s going on, you can’t miss out on the spirited spectacle of watching the action surrounded bythousands of screaming classmates. Incidentally, if you rent textbooks for even just a semester, you’llprobably save enough money to afford a season ticket at most colleges. (Yes, shameless plugs are partof my internship!)

3. Call up people you haven’t seen since sophomore year.

I tend to get caught up in extra-curricularsand work, often feeling too exhausted and lazy to see people on the weekend. While I’m still going to bebusy next year, I’m going to make more of an effort. It’s impossible to see everyone, but try calling uptwo people a week to get coffee or catch up over lunch with. You might never see these people again.

4. Take advantage of local attractions.

Eugene is a small, fairly boring town (depending on who you ask), but I take it for granted. I’ve never hiked Spencer’s Butte, a gorgeous trail that’s only half an hour awayfrom campus, and have only been to the Saturday Market once. I have no excuse, and neither do you!

You’re bound to find something that you enjoy in every city and on every campus. Don’t wait until the last second.

Less than a year from now, we’ll be moving our tassels from right to left and moving onto the next stage of our life. So make the most of your senior year before it’s too late!

Oh, and remember, if you don’t want to lug those used textbooks around, don’t buy them in the firstplace – save a ton of money and rent!

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