Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and the pressure is on to find something new and original to do with your mate.

How can you be hopelessly romantic without being cliché nowadays? Here are a few ideas of things to do with your boo for this year’s day of love.

Play a game

Take a deck of cards and make each card an adorable action.

Example: deuces are an embraces, kings are kisses.

Deal half the cards out for you and your partner and take turns placing them out. Try to make your ideas creative and fun for you and your partner.

Organize a treasure/scavenger hunt

Place little clues and hints in places that are significant to your partner and your relationship, for instance,“the place we first kissed” or “the place where I first met your friends.”

Just keep in mind at the end of this scavenger hunt there needs to be something amazing awaiting… and you’re on your own with that one.

Valentine's Day Couple

Reenact your first date

Go to the place where you first met and reenact all the moments you remember.

Ask for the same bottle of wine, order the same dish, walk on the same path, or enjoy a kiss in the place where you first embraced.

It will bring back so many memories and remind you of all the reasons you are with that person in the first place.

Take a class together

During Valentine’s Day you might be able to find little romantic activities to do with your partner around the city.

Do some research and find something fun for the two of you to do. Maybe take a cooking, dancing or art class together. Try going to a wine-tasting, a baking class, or food tour.

Do something fancy

Go all out. Treat yourselves. Whether you head to a fancy restaurant or a weekend in Fiji, do something fun and exotic that the both of you will remember forever.  Just take that day and completely indulge in each other.

You may end up splurging, but it’s one day of the entire year; so why not make it count?

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