In the majority of colleges there are students who come from other cities in search of high-quality education followed by good working possibilities in perspective. A great number of these students study at prestigious universities spread across various departments. But in spite of all the advantages, most of these students get a disease which is hardly cured by pills and mixtures: homesickness. Sometimes, one may feel so lonely without his family, friends, or even his beloved pet that it seems that the only possible way out is to give up the studies and return home. How do you get yourself together in such a situation? There are a few tips we would like to share with you.

Firstly, being far away from home without permanent contact with parents and friends, students are likely to idealize what they miss. If to give a shake to memory, you will for sure recollect quarrels and wrangles, irritation caused by parents’ instructions, and other worries of that kind. It doesn’t mean that you should associate home with this stuff only, but in moments of terrible homesickness try to be aware of the fact that the image of “sweet home” is partly idealized.

Secondly, best friends are always the people we miss greatly and wait for their news. You know for sure what they are occupied with while you are studying: some people are working, others are studying just like you. Each of you has changed a life after school and even if you were at home you couldn’t see each other so often as you used to. Try to find new friends in college, in such a way you’ll not feel so lonely, and you may contact the ones from your native town by Internet, phone or Skype during the weekend. Actually, why not invite them to visit you?

Thirdly, though sometimes it may seem so, the years of studying are not eternal and the time passes even faster than you think. Learn to enjoy all the possibilities you have and think of the fact that you are among the students who were lucky enough to get a place in this very university. Your family is so proud of you and happy to see you anytime you come.

Don’t give up, you’ll cope with it!

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