Hey all you mathematic majors out there:

Ever wonder what you can do with your math degree? There are other opportunities out there other than being a math teacher.

Receiving a bachelors degree in mathematics is a good base for other career opportunities. However, not all of them will require a great deal of math. Instead, your capability of careful reasoning will come in handy.


Here’s a list of some careers in the mathematical field you may want to consider:


An actuary is someone who works with insurance. They handle a lot of the problems associated with insurance rates such as risk/cost assessment. Insurance underwriters and management analysts typically have mathematical training as well.

In order to advance in this profession, your knowledge in calculus, linear algebra, statistics and operations research will be tested.


Mathematicians work with a variety of disciplines in order to solve  problems that are far too complex for engineers to handle on their own. In order to succeed as a mathematician, prepare yourself for the skills that the employers require.


Believe it or not, mathematics play a major role in the government. Mathematical careers in the government deal with the safety and security of the nation. Not only do you have to have extensive knowledge in computer science, but also in engineering and areas of business.

Business and Management

Mathematics is an essential part of business and management. This is one of those careers in which mathematics is constantly used. Probability, statistics, and analysis are three major components you will need to succeed in this industry.

If these careers don’t interest you, there are hundreds of other options in the field of mathematics to research. If all else fails, you can always strive to be a teacher. Needless to say, careers for mathematic majors will constantly be in demand in today’s evolving society.

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