What ARE Men Good For? Reasons Why We Love Men!

After reading an interesting article from CollegeCandy.com written by Aaron Karo entitled The Top 10 Misconceptions About Guys, I cannot help but wonder: if all of these statements are true (and after living with 4 brothers for 22 years, I know them to be), what exactly ARE guys good for?

In an attempt to ward off feelings of hopelessness, I tried to counter some of his claims by coming up with a few of my own reasons for why we ladies like those people we call boyfriends, hookup buddies, lovers, or husbands.

1. They’re good at making you feel safe.

While this does not apply to every guy in the world, most guys want and know how to make their lady feel safe.

Whether this means protecting her from a perv in a bar or waking her up from a scary dream, we love our men to be protectors in all aspects of our life.

I’m not saying he has to be responsible for fighting every battle or wiping every tear, but most men know when they’re needed and wanted when it comes to protecting their lady.

Exception: guys who like to start fights and stir up drama for the hell of it. There is nothing worse than a man picking a fight with some guy who he thinks looked at you the wrong way; it’s embarrassing for everyone involved.

2. He knows how to crack you up.

Not every guy is Jim Carrey, but most guys know their lady well enough to get her sense of humor and knows which buttons to push to get her laughing.

It’s always nice to share jokes around your guy and be able to say some of the things you would never say around your girlfriends, parents, or acquaintances. Sharing private jokes with your guy gives you both the chance to test the waters and see what really makes your partner tick.

A guy is usually more forgiving when it comes to jokes as well. If you say something stupid or inappropriate, he is less likely to shun you for the rest of the night; you can be fairly certain that he has been there himself and he won’t judge you any more than he would one of his buddies.

3. He knows all your quirks and accepts them.

When in a relationship, at least in my experiences, the guy is usually more laid-back and accepting of whatever you throw his way.

Whether you can’t sleep unless you are on a certain side of the bed or you flip light switches on and off before leaving the house, your guy knows it’s part of who you are and accepts you for that.

4. He is complimentary.

I don’t know if I have been dating the same type of guy, but I have never dated someone who didn’t at least say I looked nice on a date. As a woman, it’s always nice to know that your guy notices when you put in the effort to look pretty; it makes us feel special.

When your guy takes notice and lets you know about it, you have to admit, you feel pretty damn good.

5. He is fun.

While your girlfriends are tons of fun to go out (or stay in) with, there is nothing like heading out (or staying in) with a guy who is a ton of fun.

Whether this means he can make you laugh non-stop, is great at working a room, likes to dance, is into meeting new people, or whatever you think is fun, you won’t have a bad time if you’re with this guy.

Not only will you have fun with him while you’re out, but you will be thinking about how much fun he will be when you get home, too.

Hopefully this article clears up the notion that guys are not-so-great. While I have to agree with the article from CollegeCandy, there are things about guys that we DO like, whether they’re on my list or not, we obviously have an infatuation with them that keeps us coming back for more!

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