Seems perhaps now more than ever the job market for students coming out of college is remarkably dismal and not too promising.  Jobs are unappealing, outdated, underpaying or just plain boring. However, I consider myself an eternal optimist and have always refused to accept that a situation is “just how it is.”

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The Next Frontier: Societal Advancement

I’ve been following trends and popular content on the web as long as I can remember. Yet, amongst constant negativity I always tend to gravitate towards articles that provide a sense of optimism, growth in humanity and evolution of our society and world as a whole.  Recently I’ve been following a blog called Auto In The News after discovering one of their articles featured on Digg. The cool thing about this blog is they keep a positive and innovative mindset, shedding light on articles that highlight new developments (in the auto industry), new technology and advancements with a positive benefit.

Just scrolling down the page now, even in the headlines you’ll notice key words and article titles that exemplify this. For example, “Stays At The Top Of Customer Loyalty Study,” “Quality Shines Through,” “10 Best,” “Marvel of Quality” and so forth.

The reason I mention this blog and this style of presenting information is because it brings to light the literary voice that I most appreciate, optimism. Today, I noticed an article featured on their site titled “Cars That Drive Themselves Get Tested In Europe”. Amazing!

The excerpt is as follows:

Semi-autonomous driving has long been the focus of fiction, but the vision of a motoring Utopia is quickly becoming a reality. Advances in technology, combined with the demand for greater safety and fuel economy, is fueling the development of cars that can drive themselves with limited human input.  Continue Reading

I mention this article for two very specific reasons.

Reason #1, this is absolutely astonishing.  Technology like this can undoubtedly benefit humanity in a massive way. Providing increased safety, more logical and understandable traffic patterns, measurable traffic predictions and an increase in overall transportation efficiency just to name a few.

Allowing workers and people on the go to travel with limited involvement would result in less texting and driving, less accidents, less eating and driving, less needless loss of life and the list continues.  Developments such as these can benefit the people of this Earth in a remarkable way, it is only fitting for us to spread word of their efforts and continue supporting any innovation that will truly help us build smarter cities, a smarter world and a smarter way of life for all.

Reason #2, this one is on YOU.  I started this article discussing the dismal job market yet somehow ended up at this truly great technological advancement.  What I feel many young people fail to recognize is that we are the builders of the future. We are the ones who will be responsible for keeping everything together.  Our parents, our forefathers and older generations have built an immense and powerful foundation, but it will be our challenge to update it.  As the thinkers and innovators of today begin to age it will quickly become our responsibility to hold down the fort and keep moving forward.

Ideas such as this and countless other advancements made around the world each day will need managers, thinkers, marketers, innovators, inventors, developers, planners, guides and resources to keep them alive.  The ability for society to continue progressing will lie directly on the shoulders of today’s college graduates, for you/we/us represent the new wave of innovative minds.  Its our responsibility to keep the trend going upward.

In conclusion, I’ll leave you with this to think on. Sure, the job market sucks… but doesn’t it?  All the market is doing is forcing us to think differently. Forcing us to realize there are new paths to forge, new directions to travel and better, more efficient ways of accomplishing things.  As soon as you start believing there is nothing out there for you, you have already started backpedaling.  Instead of talking about how hard it is to find a job, consider creating one for yourself.  There are big things going on out there, you simply must find them.

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