This is for us. As college students, we’ve all been desperate and under a lot of pressure to the point that we have felt like weren’t up to par and frankly, not good enough when it comes to dieting and being thin. So dieters everywhere have tried everything…even things that could kill us.

Here are the top three absurd diets of 2010. A friendly reminder of what to stay away from.

1. Master Cleanse Detox Diet

The Master Cleanse Detox Diet is number one because I have personal experience with it. I was desperate to lose a few pounds fast that when I came across this one line, “Lose 20 pounds in 10 days,” I was sold. And I was determined to try it.

With this diet you are forbidden to eat, period. You are to create a lemonade drink and this is what you’re suppose to drink whenever you have the urge of hunger. They recommend 8 to 12 cups a day.

I was able to continue the diet for 5 days instead of 10 and for the first 4 days, I literally felt as if I was dying. I suffered from an excruciating headache that wouldn’t go away, I was angry, sad, and the very thought of food would make me burst into tears. It was a mental challenge.

Of course, I lost the weight…because if you aren’t eating you are bound to lose weight.

But here are the obvious cons to this diet:

Hunger pangs, tiredness, aches, pains, mental irritability, nausea, lack of sustainability, possible medical complications due to acidity levels in lemons, the ingredients have no nutritional value (as they mostly consist of water), too much laxative use could have a negative effect on the colon and actually prevent it from absorbing minerals and vitamins and absorbing too much water.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, all of these side affects could lead to bacterial infection. You may drop the weight quickly, but as soon as you begin eating you will gain it all back.

Now, was it worth it? No.

2. The Baby Food Diet

A new diet that found its way to Hollywood and then to the masses. This is when you only eat baby food and nothing else. The problem with this is simple: baby food was created to feed babies, not adults. Therefore, the adult body is being deprived of the adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins it requires.

3. The Tapeworm Diet

This is probably one of the most disgusting of them all. It’s so dangerous that it is banned in the United States!

In case you don’t know, a tapeworm is a worm that grows from raw or uncooked meat.

Individuals who agree to do this diet swallow the worm while it eats away the persons’ insides that eventually make you not want to eat. Aside from the OBVIOUS problems, the biggest problem with this diet is ending it. In order to end the diet, the worm must be removed by medical personal, so if you don’t know when to do this, that could be a MAJOR problem.

The Cons:

Can be deadly, banned by the FDA, medical intervention may be needed to get rid of the tapeworm, can’t purchase or import one, once you get rid of the tapeworm you risk putting weight back if you continue eating like you have a tapeworm.

Is it worth it? I would bet money that it isn’t.

The conclusion: Love yourself!

In peace, love and happiness


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