The Illuminati: What’s The Hype?

We’ve all heard about this conspiracy group called ‘The Illuminati’ and if you haven’t heard here’s some brief education for you:

The Illuminati is a supposed group of select of individuals, particularly famous ones, who are plotting to take over the world. There are also many other claims like the Illuminati worships the devil and other evil demonic forms.

Sounds silly right?


But there are websites, groups, and YouTube videos that claim the Illuminati are real.

The group is said to be mostly made up of rappers, singers, government officials, and other popular people who are in the limelight. The lists of these people are some of the public’s most favorite entertainers, which if you think about it makes sense.

If you’re going to take it over the world why not make people like you first? And what appeases people more than music?

For example, how many of us loved Tupac? A lyrical legend whose music still lives on today.Well according to the Illuminati believers he was indeed a member.

Or what about Michael Jackson? The King of Pop Who will without question or doubt will be forever remembered and listened to all around the world. Yup. Illuminati. Along with people such as Rihanna, Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and a large number of others.

So why should you be afraid of these people?

Because they are believed to have caused some of our world’s most terrible disasters; Famine, civil wars, disease, etc. Their main goal and purpose of this group is to have power and to ‘Become God’ there is even website telling you how to join the illuminati. . It gives you the history and information on what the group is, their plans, what they do and how to be a part of it.

For those who are interested do you research and you will find some unbelievable and disturbing information. Whether you believe it or not is completely up to you, but it does make you think:

What if would if someone of ill intentions was capable of that much power?

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