Remembering Pearl Harbor: 69th Anniversary

For 69 years now, Dec. 7 has been a day to remember the nearly 2,500 casualties of Pearl Harbor and all of the families affected.

If you don’t remember from school, Pearl Harbor was the surprise attack on the U.S. by the Imperial Japanese Navy, an attack which led to the U.S. declaring war on Japan and thus entering WWII.

Since there are only about 200 survivors left, most of us do not have first hand knowledge of the attack, but can relate from our own experience with 9/11.

Take a moment to thank a veteran today whether from Pearl Harbor or not, they’e bravery has put our country where it is today!

Thank you to my Dad and my brother Brian, Tyler Walsh, Shawn McKenna, RJ Rowland, and all other veterans who have fought for our country!


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