How to Stay Awake During Class! No More Zz’s

Tired of reading notes with missing chunks of info because of your napping? Then these tips are for YOU my sleepy friend!

Tired in class?

Tip #1: Bring Something to Munch On

This theory is simple: if you are in the middle of eating something, you can’t be asleep.

Pack a snack

Whether it is a piece of candy, a snack, or a drink, you need something to orally fixate on. Snacks that last a long time are typically the best because they will get you through the entire lecture.

Munch, munch, munch

Pretzels, nuts, trail mix, popcorn, skittles, or things that come in small, numerous pieces are great to have around when you are feeling sleepy. Every time you feel the urge to close your eyes, pop a piece of whatever into your mouth! This will keep you awake, focused and full of energy!

Tip #2: Coffee or Tea

If you are a coffee drinker, you know how important this rule is. Not a coffee fan? Try tea instead; Lipton makes a great white tea that tastes great with a drop of honey in it and it’s also packed with caffeine. If caffeine is irritating your stomach (or worse: has a laxative effect on you!), you can find various alternatives.

Get it on the way to class EVERY time

I had a class that required me to get a coffee before EVERY, single class. Why? Because I physically could not stay awake without the caffeine and needed something to orally fixate on.

The caffeine helped me to not only stay awake

But kept me alert and focused on what was going on in class. I took better notes, listened more intently and participated in the class on a regular basis. The class turned out to be incredibly interesting and was my favorite of all time (and yes, I did get an A)!

Tip #3: Exercise

Have you ever noticed that you feel alert and full of energy after a workout?

This is because your body has just been given a boost of endorphins and is pumping with oxygen, AKA the good stuff your body uses to feel alive and energetic!

Head to the gym when you wake up or before class

If you go to the gym or exercise first thing in the morning, not only will you burn more calories all day, you will have more energy throughout the day and feel less tired in class.

Tip #4: Sit in the Front

Face it: part of the reason you are passing out in class is because you are in sitting in the back of the room where you can’t hear much and your teacher is less likely to notice if you start snoozin’.

Grab a front row seat

Sit in the front row in class and I promise this will cut down on your class naps from frequent to very few (if any).

You will stay more alert and focused…

if you can hear everything the teacher is saying, making eye contact, and participating in class. Your notes will be more detailed and hey, you just might learn something!

Tip #5: Bring Your Laptop, But Do Some Good!

This tip should be used with caution because you are running the risk of completely ignoring everything your professor is saying by going online/playing games.

Become a note taker

Volunteer to be a note taker for disabled students. This way, you will have a SERIOUS reason to stay awake in class. Whether you are getting paid or not, if someone is depending on you for good notes, you may think twice about falling asleep!

Last Resort

If you really cannot stay awake, bring your laptop as a last resort. I do not recommend doing this because of the aforementioned reasons, but hey, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

Tip #6: Vitamin C

What doesn’t Vitamin C do?

According to, Vitamin C helps to create energy within your cells by producing Carnitine, a molecule that helps to move fatty acids into cells which are then converted into energy.

Try Emergen-C

Consuming items with loads of Vitamin C like Emergen-C packets should do the trick. Try stocking your water bottle with a packet or two of Emergen-C and sipping on it throughout class.

The Alternative?

Peel an orange before class and munch on it when you feel tired!

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