In the “Facebook Era,” friends are numbered in the hundreds, if not thousands. This raises the question–do you have enough quality friends?

Friends shape who we are–they either bring out the best in us, complete us when we’re missing traits and give us guidance when we’re lost or misdirected.

That’s why there are 5 types of Friends everyone should have. Check out if YOU have all the friends you need:

1. The Optimist

The optimistic friend is the one who is so happy and positive that it’s contagious! It’s the friend that always see’s the silver lining in bad situations, who manages to see the upside of your DUI or manages to explain how your notorious reputation as a drunkard is really a “good thing.”

Having optimistic friends are important for one obvious reason: they make you feel good! Studies have shown that happier people live longer, so consider this friend to literally be your life saver!

2. The Reality Check

A “reality check” friend is the one who tells it how it is–the friend that tells you that you look fat, that you’re horrible for cheating on your significant other or who will tell you that your cooking can be used to fight terrorism.

This friend is vital because their honesty is unparalleled–they won’t coddle you and try to spare your feelings. White lies make us feel better, but there are always times where we NEED the truth and this friend won’t hold back!

3. The Supportive One

This is the friend that is always there for you. No s(he) may not be physically near you and you may not hang out regularly, but when you call at 3 a.m. sobbing about a former flame, this friend will always pick up and listen.

A supportive friend is important because they serve as a reliable constant in your life so that you’re never emotionally distraught and without someone to talk to.

Studies have shown that having supportive friends leads to a better mood!

4. The Risk Taker

A parent’s worst nightmare, a risk taker friend is the one whose much more of a rebellious person than you are. This is person is one who lives an unconventional life and makes you take risks you wouldn’t ordinarily take–the friend that convinces you to go sky diving or to try fugu at a Japanese restaurant.

A risk-taking friend can get you in a little trouble, but is important because s(he) will make you broaden your horizons and try things you wouldn’t normally do.

5. The Social Butterfly

This is the friend that you can always rely on for hanging out, going clubbing or socializing with. The social butterfly not only knows a lot of people, but is always down for spending time with you. This friend may or may not be the best person to talk about your problems with, but will always give you a fun time when you need to take your mind off things.

A social butterfly is a friend who helps you maintain social connections and brings out your extroverted nature, if it doesn’t come naturally.

Each person is different, so you may find all 5 types of friends in 1 person (lucky you!) or the 5 types in 20. Just make sure you’re not going through life without them!

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