Choose Happiness, Not Color: Pros and Cons of Interracial Dating

This world is full of different people from different places and sometimes, those people get together and even date each other. Interracial relationships at one point were completely taboo, and interracial marriage was illegal.

Thankfully that was put to rest in 1967 when a woman named Mildred Loving and her Caucasian boyfriend fought to have their love legalized, and won. Since then people of all cultures have gotten together.

But what are the pros and cons of dating someone outside your race?

Although, we crushed the laws of no miscegenation, loving across cultures has its ups and its downs.

When going into a relationship with someone who isn’t the same race as you some people have many things to consider. Like religion, faith is a deep substance for certain individuals.

Melina Diaz a 23 yr old Dominican and Indian from St. Thomas said that dating her Arab boyfriend became difficult when their religions clashed, “There became a point where we just broke up because we knew that was no future for us. We loved each other but there was no use dating when we knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere.”

Another factor to consider is that even though we don’t live in the past, some of our relatives do and might now approve of the mixed relationships we have for the simple fact that it wasn’t approved of when they were younger. Having to hear some of the side comments and disapprovals from family members can be nerve racking and stressful enough to not even want to be in the relationship anymore.

But being with someone culturally different from you can also have its upsides. Learning about and indulging in another culture can be amazing and having the opportunity to teach someone about your culture you can be exciting as well. Some even consider a interracial relationship better because of the things that you learn from the other person.

Really, interracial dating shouldn’t be a factor because you have absolutely no control over who you fall for.

After all, no one ever painted love a color right?

Mildred Love and her love
Mildred Love and her love

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