CC Team: New Years Resolutions 2011

Always making resolutions and never sticking to them? We know how you feel! Check out the New Years resolutions of the College Cures team to get inspired! What is your New Years resolution??

Susmita Baral

This upcoming year I have two resolutions set aside that will be beneficial to my health and cultivate interests: learn Italian and kick my soda habit.

Resolution 1I want to learn Italian because it’s something I’ve been interested in since I was in middle school. Unfortunately for me, opportunity, lack of time and laziness all played a role in preventing this from happening.

My game plan for learning Italian is fairly straightforward–I purchased software and plan on designating 2 hours over the weekend to learn the language. I also find watching foreign language films facilitate learning a language, so 2011 will be a filled with plenty of Netflix rentals for Italian flicks.

Resolution 2: Quitting soda, on the contrary, will be a little more difficult since it’s a habit I want to permanently exclude from my life. I have contemplated quitting soda over the past six months after reading about how horrible they are for you. I drink soda habitually and it’s not something I love so I figure, why not quit?

My plan is to limit myself to two cans of soda a week in January and February and restrict myself to one can of soda a week in March and April. In the months of May, June and July, I plan to only allow myself to drink soda in social settings (e.g. dinner’s, parties, etc). August onwards I should be soda-free!

I also plan on completing three items on my bucket list–sky diving, road tripping through California and taking a cake decorating course.

Bianca Salvant

Resolution 1: Hustle Harder! Approaching the final stages of my college career, the only thing left for me to do is hustle to be on top! On top of everything that I love while thinking of the finer things in life. Such as my career, my family, etc.

Resolution 2: Strengthen my spirituality because God is important to me, not religion, but my spiritual strength and dedication is on the list. I feel when the relationship with God is mended (or shined) their is nothing that is out of reach…everything ELSE will fall into place perfectly.

Resolution 3: Work Out: Their is nothing wrong with wanting to be toned and healthy. I hope I have more time in 2011 to go to the gym more frequently.

Fernesha Hurst

Resolution 1: To be consistently happy

Resolution 2: I frequently get stressed out about various things all the time. Whether it be school, boys, or all of the extracurricular stuff I do, I sometimes find it hard to find time to relax. I want to make time for myself and for relaxation.

I’m going try new things and find different and better way to relax myself. Focus on me and the things that I want rather than trying to please everybody else first.

Mitchelle Ray

Resolution 1: For the year 2011, I’ve decided to commit to living a healthy lifestyle.

As a victim of pancreatitis, I’ll admit, I haven’t been living the healthiest lifestyle since I’ve started my college career back in 2007.

Realizing that I’m not getting any younger and that pancreatitis is a very serious disease that can turn from bad to worst at any time, I’ve taken the liberty to research healthy lifestyles for someone in my condition. I am going to make a conscious effort to become healthier in the new year and treat my body better.

Brandon Lahoud

Resolution 1: Continue to train hard for rock climbing competition season.

Resolution 2: While I’d love to say “have a full-time music teaching job”, I REALLY want to be better at climbing.

Music excites me, and climbing calms me down. It lets me think of the finer things to use my whole body to figure out the certain top route, or boulder problem. Not to mention there is a great community in climbing that puts me at ease to do my best. Overall, climbing has put me in the best shape possible (way back when, lost 40 pounds in one month when I first got serious) since I started and it’s definitely my sport. I had placed in competitions when I first started, but now that I’m a lot stronger (climbing v5-v7) I’m ready to see how I’ll do now. Who knows! May even make it to the nationals and get to travel outside of the US for competitions! Or sponsored!

Resolution 3: Training, training, training.

I’m going to finally put up my fingerboards (NexGen2, Slopeymon) in my apartment and find a way to get in cardio (using LunaSandals, or RunaMoc). Since I run barefoot, it’s difficult around this time to run, outside or find a gym that doesn’t mind me doing it barefoot. I climb 3 times a week minimum for about 3 hours minimum, but I need to get into a strict routine again of project (try moves separately), train (what I need to improve on; anerobic or aerobic, hold-types etc.), & attempt/complete (the performance day). Again, always a great climbing community, so I have 3 great climbing buddies who are in the same boat as I am which DEFINITELY helps the process. I am Looking forward to another great year of hard work!

Brett Napoli

Resolution 1: Continue to enjoy the ride.

Have to be honest, touched down in Fort Lauderdale earlier today  for New Years Eve;  it’s 71 degrees and it feels amazing to be outside when just a few hours ago I was rocking 3 layers in Connecticut.  Amongst everything that is terrible with life or the system, everything unfortunate, unfair and unexpected in this journey, somehow the sun keeps shining.  Acknowledge our gifts and our Earth because both are so beautiful.  Need to spend as much time as possible outside, exploring and discovering new things every day.

Resolution 2: Trust myself more.

The way we feel about our decisions seems to dictate much more than we think.  A new year can be a fresh way of thinking, a benchmark for your progress and a great way to mentally cleanse yourself for new thoughts.  Or, it could just be another day – it’s really up to you.  I’m learning the key to every decision is to actively pursue the goal void of doubt. As soon as you start doubting yourself things can quickly spiral out of control. Stick to your decisions and count success or failure as a lesson, the next step in the progression and the building blocks of something greater.

“..building a lifestyle is cumulative.  Everything you do counts and brings you closer to your goal.  The right lifestyle is something that is worn, not discussed.” – Neil Strauss

Resolution 3: Focus on progress.

Managing your life isn’t something to be ignored.  We decide how the we treat the day, not the other way around.  Make less excuses and more opportunities.

“Excuses are a list of self imposed obstacles that prevent you from having a better life.” – Tony Horton

Resolution 4: Read more.

Books = knowledge = perspective = progress = attainment of goals.

Resolution 5: Don’t be afraid of change.

“Fail fast.” – Simon T. Bailey (Seriously, check him out)

Resolution 6: Continue to enrich everyday life with as much Love as possible.

“We have this idea that love is supposed to last forever.  But love isn’t like that.  It’s a free-flowing energy that comes and goes when it pleases.  Sometimes it stays for life; other times it stays for a second, a day, a month or a year.  So don’t fear love when it comes simply because it makes you vulnerable.  But don’t be surprised when it leaves, either.  Just be glad you had the opportunity to experience it.” – Neil Strauss

Resolution 7: Stick with it.

I’ve got this.  Only I can determine if I’ll succeed.  A positive attitude leads to positive change.

Resolution 8: Jokes.

Jokes are pretty important. Nicknames. Recollections of experiences.  Solid gold, all of them. What’s the point of anything without jokes?

Annie Maguire

Resolution 1: My new years resolution is to progress past my expectations for myself and to push the limits of what I believe to be possible or impossible. After a decade of doubting myself, I feel I owe it to myself to progress past doubt, past uncertainty, and to just go for it.

What are YOUR resolutions this year?

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