Best Drinks to Help You to Avoid a Hangover!

Tired of feeling crappy after a night of drinking? Want to avoid a hangover all-together? Try sticking to these tips for a hangover-free morning!

1. Higher Quality Alcohol

I know what you are thinking: Grey Goose is not on your list. But you don’t have to spend a ton to get higher quality booze.

If you want to avoid a hangover, you have to buy better quality alcohol that has been distilled more times and is made with higher quality ingredients.

If you like Vodka, try Van Gogh Vodka. It’s not as expensive as Grey Goose, but it is of the same quality, if not better!

Van Gogh comes in a variety of flavors ranging from double espresso to pomegranate, all of the flavors taste amazing, and they comes in really cool painted bottles.

You will notice after a night of drinking Van Gogh Vodka (or any other higher quality alcohol) that you feel a lot better the next morning than if you had drank Dubra, or something comparable. If you do have a hangover, it won’t last as long and it won’t be as intense.

2. Drinking Fewer Glasses of Wine or Sulfate-Free Wines

Have you ever noticed that drinking wine all night gives you the WORST hangover the next day? Here is the reason why:

Wine usually carries a much higher alcohol content than a beer or even a mixed drink. The average wine carries about 10-12% alcohol where the average beer carries 4-5%.

Therefore, if you drink a few glasses of wine, you are consuming much more alcohol than if you were to drink only a few beers, thus making you more dehydrated and increasing the severity of your hangover.

Second, wines are full of sulfates, a preservative to help the wine from going bad.

While there is no direct evidence that sulfates cause headaches, I know a lot of people who drink Sulfate-free wines who swear that this has helped them to minimize headaches and the dreaded hangovers that come with drinking wine.

The best advice would be to drink less wine when you are going out or pre-gaming because of the higher alcohol content or to try a sulfate-free wine and see how it works for you.

3. Sticking to Light-Colored Drinks

According to, the darker the drink, the worse your hangover.

Dark beers, wines, and liquors are more likely to give you a hangover than clear liquors like vodkas and gins because darker drinks have more congeners, elements that occur naturally during the fermentation process which give alcohol its’ color, odor, and taste, but also add a level of toxicity.

The solution?

Stick to drinks like gin and tonics, vodka sodas, or anything colorless.

Of course, if you drink 10 mixed drinks and do not alternate with waters, you will still get a hangover, so drink safe and smart and you can avoid it all-together!

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