Last week we posted about what to do when you accidentally Drunk Text someone. This week, we’re telling you how to play a little offense and prevent any mishaps while under the influence by using common sense and technology!

1. Deactivate Facebook

Deactivating your Facebook or changing your password before you leave is a foolproof way to make sure you don’t drunk-facebook after returning from a night out.

2. Sign out of your Facebook and E-mail on your phone

This eliminates any drunk e-mails and wall posts that you can accidentally send from your phone.

3. Delete Numbers

Temporarily delete phone numbers from your phone. Keep a list of co-workers, distant family and a former flame and delete their numbers before going out–just hope you don’t have a former flame’s number memorized!

4. Gmail Goggles Ad-On

Google has an ad-on that makes you answer 5 arithmetic questions before letting you send an e-mail at wee hours in the morning. It automatically activates in the late hours of the weekend and you can control what times and days you want your Gmail Goggles on! Here’s hoping you payed attention in math class…

5. Purchase App’s that let you know when you are drunk.

R U Drunk ($2.99), Bar Hopper ($1.99), Drink Timer ($0.99), and Drunkulator ($0.99) are great ways to watch what you drink so you don’t go overboard.

R U Drunk includes games to determine sobriety, Bar Hopper tabs how many drinks you’ve had to tell you whether you’re okay to drive and how long till you’re sober, Drink Timer is a more tedious version of Bar Hopper that asks for specific units like size of drink and percent alcohol in your drinks, and Drunkulator asks for weight, gender and amount of drinks to calculate your blood-alcohol level.

6. Purchase NIMBY (No Intoxicated Messaging By You)

This app makes you complete a word search, basic algebra or a maze in 30 seconds before allowing you to send an e-mail or tweet! Check out their demo.

7. Buy Bad Decision Blocker

This app allows you to create a no-call list so that before you go drinking you can black list people (family, ex-‘s, co-workers) so that you won’t drunk dial them at all!

8. Purchase Don’t Dial

This app allows you to create a no-call list like Bad Decision Blocker and gives you the option to make a call/text after having a friend enter a password.


Updated 2:47 PM EST, Thu, May 21, 2009

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We’ve all done it.

Go out on a Thursday, do a little bar hopping in the city and wake up Friday morning wondering what happened.

Then you look down at your phone and ask yourself why, even in your drunken stupor, you would think it was okay to text your ex or funny to leave a cryptic voicemail for your boss.

And cue the vomit…

Well, there are a few things you can do to prevent making another mistake:

  1. Stop going out as much (which won’t happen)
  2. Drink less (which definitely won’t happen)
  3. Download apps to your phone preventing future shame (BINGO!)

First there’s NIMBY (No Intoxicated Messaging By You). This app strives to prevent you from sending a regretful email or tweet. Once you write you message, the app prompts you to complete one of three tests within 30 seconds. The brain busters consist of a word search, completing basic algebra or navigating a mouse through a maze. If you can’t finish in time, you can’t send the message. Here’s a demo:

Bad Decision Blocker is next. It prevents you from calling, texting or emailing contacts in your address book you choose to black list. The app places the chosen contacts into a “vault” for a predetermined period of time.

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