How to Plan & Execute a Flawless 21st Birthday!

The 21st birthday is a staple in our culture of the time you finally become an “adult” and are able to drink…legally. WHOO-HOO! Time to party bitches! College Cures wants you to have a fun, but safe 21st, so follow these tips and make the night totally “forgettable”.

Party Tip #1: Pick the Place to Party

This may seem obvious, but the first thing you need to decide on is where to go and how you are going to get there.

Do you want to go somewhere special like a city or the casino or do you want to hit up the bar on campus?

Is dinner with a few friends on the menu? Are you feelin’ a house party or do you want to throw one yourself in honor of your friend?

Decisions, decisions.

Unless it’s a surprise party, let your friend take the lead and make the decisions, even if you want to go somewhere else. You only turn 21 once and you want to make it as much fun for him/her as possible…even if that means going to a shitty party.

However, don’t let the birthday bitch run wild.

Tell her to pick one or two places and call it a night; no reason to break the bank and your hot new shoes running from place to place just to please her highness.

Party Tip #2: Plan a Killer Pre-game

You want your friend good n’ drunk, so why not throw a fun pre-game party to get things started?

Settle on a Place

Once you pick the place (apartment, house, or bar, presumably), you can start planning a few things.

Drinks & Drinking Games

If you have a foldout table, opt for beer pong or flip-cup. If you have a bunch of couches and a table, card games like Asshole and F-the-dealer are the way to go.

Got a sick stereo system? Did someone say, ‘dance party’?

For pong or flip cup, grab a couple of 30’s or some tasty micro beers if you are a “mature” drinker.

For games or a dance party, you have the option of serving beer or an alternative like sangria punch or mixed drinks.

If you are on a budget

go for Carlo Rossi Sangria in the large jug size, add some cut up apples, limes and oranges and you just took the party up about 2 notches.

Party Playlist

There is nothing worse than planning a party for someone and then forgetting the most important part: the TUNES. If a party has lame music, the party sucks, so avoid this issue by putting together a hot playlist BEFORE the big day.


Test the playlist AND your iPod hookup/stereo system BEFORE the party to avoid wire-fiddling when you should be pounding beers. Nothing casts a cloud on a party more than a fuzzy radio station or the music cutting out every 2 minutes due to a faulty wire.

Party Tip #3: Getting Your Pal(s) to the Party

No one likes to be the sober driver, so unless someone is volunteering (or everything is in walking distance), the only fair way to decide who is driving on the big night is rocks, paper scissors, or whatever game you use to decide things.

If you lose and you have to drive, don’t complain.

Your day has either come and gone already and someone drove your ass around all night, or it’s yet to come, in which case the same courtesy will be bestowed upon you.

If you are driving, it’s your job to make sure everyone gets to the party and home safe, but don’t forget, you should still have fun too. Just because you aren’t drinking doesn’t mean you can’t flirt with that hottie you’ve been eying or enjoy a game of flip-cup; just pass the booze to your partner and enjoy the night!

Party Tip #4: Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts on a 21st bday, I would say stick to buying your friend drinks at the bar or getting him/her a bottle. If you are throwing the pre-game or actual bday party, there is no need to get a gift; providing the party is gift enough. The only time you should consider getting something beyond booze is if the friend is a roommate or best friend (or if they got you something on your bday).

Looking to give something sweet?

Bake your friend a cake or pick one up at the local supermarket or bakery. If baked goods isn’t your thing, whip up a delicious dip or appetizer like the 7-layer dip from; it’s easy and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any pre-game party.

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