Steps to Take When You’re Struggling with College Life

The average college campus is full of the sound of laughter and the sight of happy faces. It can seem like everyone who heads off to college has some of the best years of their life. However, that’s not true for everyone. Many people struggle with the demands of college and can even encounter mental and physical health challenges. If college life isn’t meeting your expectations or you’re struggling, here are some helpful steps to take:

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Step 1: Determine Why You’re Struggling

The first step toward a more enjoyable college experience is determining why you’re struggling. You can then brainstorm the options for improving your everyday life.

For example, if you’ve identified that studying challenges are at the core, you might consider hiring a tutor or adopting a new study schedule to help get yourself back on track. If you’re feeling isolated, joining a club or group to make friends might be a solution to explore.

Step 2: Use School Resources

The average learning institution revolves around providing high-quality learning opportunities. However, they also have many helpful resources for students to take advantage of.

Don’t be afraid to browse your college’s website to find out what help is available. Many of the best learning institutions offer mental health support, healthcare services, career services, advisors, and more.

Step 3: Ask for Help

College can be an isolating experience for many. You might have moved to a new town to attend and don’t yet know anyone. If you struggle to make friends, it’s easy to feel alone. Reach out for help before isolation causes your mental health to suffer.

You might take advantage of college-provided mental health services or even reach out to friends and family at home. Sharing your feelings with people you trust may be the first step toward feeling more supported and understood during this trying time.

Step 4: Explore Tutoring

Your social life in college might be more than satisfactory, but the educational side of college life might not be. If you’re struggling with your workload and course content, consider requesting the services of a tutor.

Tutors can help with specific study areas while also assisting with time management, memorization skills, and even interpersonal skills. If you combat any study problems you’ve been having, college life may become less overwhelming.

Step 5: Join Clubs and Groups

Having friends in college can greatly enhance your experience. You may even find that a supportive group of friends contributes to your academic success. If you’re attending a college in a new town, put effort into forming a new social circle.

Joining clubs and groups can be an excellent place to start. There are generally plenty to choose from, like cultural groups, media clubs, academic clubs, and fraternities and sororities. By stepping outside of your comfort zone and joining a group, you may make lasting friendships that contribute to a better college experience.

It’s only natural to struggle when you enroll in college for the first time. However, you don’t have to struggle for long. Take these five steps above to potentially improve your health and happiness during your college years.

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