Fun And Effective Ways To Motivate Your Employees

Companies lose billions to employee turnover, and any news of layoffs can put them under stress and worry. It is very clear that organizations need to step up their game if they want to retain top talent. Your team is what makes the organization work, and you need to ensure that the employees are not stressed, or exhausted. There are ways you can make your employees fall in love with what they do every day and this doesn’t cost you a lot of money. The secret to harnessing the brilliance of your employees is motivation. You need to be able to inspire them to perform at their best, and if they are motivated and highly engaged, they will contribute towards company success. Employee appreciation should never feel forced, and there are ways you can motivate your employees effectively.

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Promote intrinsic motivation

Several workplaces are driven solely by monetary incentives like bonuses, raises, or compensation rewards. However, this can reduce their inner motivation and could also harm employee relationships. There are times when the employees are not looking for a bonus but just need to be motivated. The most successful companies are run by employees who are self-motivated and do their best because they care about the results and not about the raises. While bonuses and raises can do their job, motivation should come from within and it is the only way long-term goals can be achieved. These two forms of motivation can exist together in any scenario.

Promote friendships at the workplace

Getting along with teammates can make or break the job. A lot of employees enjoy working at a place where they have friends, it can make work fulfilling. Hence, you should promote friendships at the workplace and allow the employees to build social connections. It is linked to employee engagement, job satisfaction, and higher productivity. You can achieve this by installing larger communal tables for lunch or organizing team book clubs or a company sports team. As a leader, you can also do this by setting aside a few minutes for casual discussions before any meetings. Alternatively, you can have a funny office awards night and let the employees choose which award should be given to whom. It can be a fun place to start conversations and let the employees have some time off.

Have a culture of appreciation and encouragement

The foundation of a motivated workforce is an encouraging workplace, and it will start with recognition, appreciation, and setting out incentives for a job well done. When you see an employee going above and beyond but is not recognized for their efforts, take a step forward and appreciate them. Just a pat on the back or a kind word in front of their team could go a long way. Feedback is always important, and you can ensure that the team members excel in their work by appreciating them. Celebrate small wins and let your team know that you appreciate their hard work.

Consider memorable incentives

Rewarding the good performers is a no-brainer, but you must remember that cash will not always work. Many employees prefer non-cash incentives like experiences or travel. You need to go above and beyond just cash and think of ways you can give something memorable and unique to your employees. A reward experience will have a stronger impact. Try to understand the preferences of your employees and give them incentives that they would love. It could be tickets to a concert or VIP tickets for a sports event.

Build the right culture

As a leader, it is your responsibility to build the right culture and ensure that there is an enjoyable work environment. It will have a direct impact on the motivation and performance of the employees. Messy file cabinets or dingy cubicles will not work anymore. It is important to maintain the right infrastructure, cleanliness, lighting, decor, and air circulation to ensure that your team enjoys working. Create a space where people can feel comfortable physically and mentally. This way, they are more likely to do their best at work.

Celebrate special events

Remember employee birthdays and make a big deal about it. While it might seem small, it is something that will make your employees feel special and valued. It shows that you care about the people that work for you. Always be a part of the big and small wins of your employees and welcome new employees with warmth.

While you might have big goals and missions for the year, you also need to focus on your employees. If your team is happy, they will be productive and highly motivated, and it will impact their work. When the team is unhappy, they may no longer feel like putting in any effort to help your organization grow.

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