Why You Should Consider a Social Media Detox

If the stats are to go by, on average, you probably spend at least one hour and 40 minutes daily on social media platforms.

Although this suggests the new-found business and social culture, it still doesn’t justify the hours spent.

The level of mental energy we expend on our mobile devices, particularly on social media, could be more productively channeled.

While staying online may be unavoidable – due to work and business-related needs – regular breaks should do. For instance, a social media detox may work at the weekends and vacations.

Besides the time it gulps, social media can ruin your mental and social health. Much like THC cleanse, there’s a number of ways social media detox can improve your life.

Shield your privacy

While social media sounds helpful for sharing photos and keeping in touch, users’ privacy is often compromised.

A recent WhatsApp’s privacy policy reportedly allows sharing your WhatsApp data with Facebook.

For the best privacy protection, you may consider a social media detox, which includes deleting your accounts.

No unhealthy social comparison

Social comparison is at an all-time peak. No thanks to the social media platforms – notably, Facebook, and Instagram. This has affected the self-esteem of many social media users.

For instance, from the news of James’ wedding to Shirley’s second baby shower can be intimidating to Jake, their old-time classmate, who is yet unmarried.

This makes people feel dejected, isolated, and, in turn, depressed.

The fact is, social media isn’t real life. It’s only a curated and selected sample of the actual happenings in the real world.

A social media detox will help you immerse yourself in the real world and shun such unhealthy competition.


Boost your mood

People who spend too much time on social media sites are more prone to depression. So, high stress, depression, and anxiety could point you to the need for social media detox.

While this may sound weird to many – and you, initially – the more you stay away, you gradually begin to feel general mood improvement.

Get in touch with reality

Lately, while many people find it hard to connect with the real world, they do the same well online. Most people who seem loud on social media platforms, feel isolated and lonely in reality.

Even as introverts, you can break the social media frenzy and take the bold step to do the same in in-person interactions.

If you insist on being alone, consider a lone session at your favorite restaurant, park, or cinema.

The idea is simple – to connect with the real world.

Live in the now

Posting every single life event as it occurs is a current norm. People update their WhatsApp status and Facebook timelines right from the scenes of an accident, hospital beds, and even at the altar during their wedding.

Living through social media lenses rather than direct interaction with the moments makes such moments less memorable and impactful.

Increase your productive hours

If there’s never enough time to clean up, read, and exercise, check your social media activities.

If pausing your social media saves about 2 hours daily, that adds up to a considerable amount of time saved in the next few weeks and months.

For instance, an average social media user would have spent about one month on social media activities at the end of a year. How about those who spend 5 hours on social media? That’s a whole two and a half months.

This time and energy can be channeled into improving your life.

So, instead of scrolling endlessly on Facebook, you could use that time to fix your room, go for a walk, take a course, read a chapter, or bond with the real world family and friends.

Your physical and mental health will reward you for it.

Wrap up

While social media has become a huge part of many lives, too much time on these forums can be detrimental to our overall wellbeing.

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