So, you have taken the SATs and got a great score, you aced your college essay and got your dream college. The next challenge is getting to know your college campus. At first, getting around your campus may seem daunting, especially if it is big enough that you think you may lose your way. That is the time when you really need transport.

Hoping that your parents may surprise you with a new car is okay, but you have to be prepared for every scenario. Realizing that your first semester of college would probably be without a car can be scary, but no need to worry. You are not alone in this and it is not hard as it seems. Most of the college freshmen don’t own a car and still get things done pretty easily. Here are a few tips on how you can too-

Do not ignore the powers of your feet

Your legs are your own free mode of transportation. You can rely on your feet to go anywhere depending upon how long the walk is. Walking has its own benefits and helps you stay healthy. Not to mention you are saving money, which comes in handy for a college student.

Hitch a ride with a friend

Someone you know is likely to have a car on campus. You can always ask them for help to get around. In return you may pay for half of the gas if they ask for it. You can even borrow their car if you’re close, though it is not recommended, because there is always a risk. This is very efficient until you get your own mode of transportation. Always make sure to offer something in return, such as gas or food.

There’s campus or public transit

Some campuses are very large, many of them have their own bus routes. Get the details from your college website and mark the stops you will be needing. They can be very affordable as buses or public transport doesn’t usually cost a lot. If you are using the city bus, get a year long bus pass, they are cheaper. Just remember to be on time if you don’t want to chase after buses.

Use your bike

Biking is one of the best alternatives here. Most of the students bike around their college campus. And why not, it’s faster than walking, keeps you in shape, it’s free, and eco-friendly too. Just keep in mind a few precautions to take while biking and you are good to go. Almost all the college campuses have students biking around so they have bike stands installed adjacent to every block or building for convenience. If you are worried about the bike being stolen, be sure to buy a lock and it is also important to get insurance for your bike.  Doing that will get you less worried as you can get your money if it is stolen or damaged. Although getting bicycle insurance is less complicated than you think and nowadays, you can even do it online.
So just get a bike and ride around and stay healthy at the same time. But, check your college guidelines to see if they allow you to ride a bike on campus.

Save for a scooter

Scooters are a lot more manageable than cars on campus, you don’t have to be looking for car parking every time. They aren’t that fast, but if all you want to do is move around the campus, they are more than enough. Costing less than $1000, they are affordable and a lot less than a car. Plus, you can get those vintage photos for your Instagram.

Use a Hoverboard, skateboard or longboard

Hoverboards have become a new trend for getting around town among youngsters. They are electric so you don’t need to tire yourselves out. There are various electric hoverboards available to choose from, but if they seem expensive you can always go for a skateboard. They are the old school way of getting around in style and you can attract the attention of the crowd if you know some cool tricks.

Getting around your college and town is not that difficult even if you do not have a car, it depends on your perspective and how you deal with problems. Regardless, do not feel stressed out about not owning a car as there will be a way for you to get where you need to be. Just be creative and you might even find a much better way to get around than in a car.


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