7 Splendid Career Opportunities for a Psychology Major

Most of the people who are not related to the profession of Psychology have many misconceptions. They view it as an exercise of meeting people, resting them on a couch, and asking questions. But as a matter of fact, it is a much more complex field than that. Psychology is a science which deals with the mental and behavioral issues of the society. People who understand it call it a science whereas people who practice it consider it an art. Psychologists’ main goal is to uncover issues deep down in our subconscious and find ways to resolve them. This way, they make this world a better place to live.

In these tough times of health crisis, Psychology degree is getting essential for society as the current situation is adversely affecting mental health. As a result, we would need Psychologists to deal with many depressed people due to inflation, domestic violence,  or joblessness so that they survive these difficult times.

A psychology degree offers various specializations as it involves several subfields. So you have multiple subfields to opt for and make your career out of it. Some important subfields are Health Psychology, Sports Psychology, and Forensic Psychology.

Moreover, through this degree, we can learn a lot about ourselves as it allows us to explore and find inner meaning. Psychology majors are highly valuable in the job market as various institutions require them like Armed Forces, Hospitals, and Industries, to name a few. All these Psychology careers require either an on-campus degree or a Psychology bachelor’s degree online and online learning to pursue a psychology degree in more reach than ever before. Psychologists create a lasting impression on the lives of the masses with empathy and making the world a better place to live.

Here are the seven career options for people who wish to pursue Psychology as their major:


  • Substance Abuse Counselor


Someone specializes in treating patients addicted to drugs or alcohol is known as a Substance Abuse Counselor. These professionals help their clients or patients fight drug and alcohol addiction and overcome their reliance on them. They work with their clients and their loved ones since a person’s addiction also affects their lives and people. So, if you want to help the people better their lives, the Substance Abuse Counselor is the career for you.


  • Human Resource Personnel


A psychology degree can also land you a job in Human Resource. You would use your education and experience to assess people by observing their behavior and analyzing their characteristics. You would also be able to help identify those people who are fit for management because you would know what type of person your company is looking for and translate it into behavioral characteristics.


  • Marriage And Family Therapist


Marriage and family therapists deal with the behavioral issues of the family members and how they affect the household’s environment, norms, and values. Not every family is perfect; sometimes, even people you love and live with can inflict damage. A Marriage and Family Therapist helps to minimize the risks by resolving conflicts in the family and point out where the problem lies. Their treatments can help to address lots of family conflicts and help return to normalcy. The therapy can solve common dilemmas like Child conflict, Stress issues, and some time problems like obesity or lack of self-esteem. During this situation, a family can expect such issues to multiply as lockdown would exacerbate these issues, so these therapists are going to be vital in these times.


  • Psychiatrist


A psychiatrist treats patients with mental disorders. They are essential for society as many people suffer from behavioral disorders and suffer their entire lives needlessly. Psychiatrists can help them deal with such issues so they can live a healthy and productive life. It is a robust but most prolific subfield of Psychology.


  • Sports Psychologists


Sports Psychology is the profession that deals with the science related to the sportsman. Sports is one of the sources of entertainment in our world. We expect athletes to be physically and mentally fit and act as role models for young people. However, they are also human beings, and do face mental health issues, like depression, loss of form, unknown fears, or the twilight of their career. This profession is considered one of the highest-paid in the field of Psychology, and if someone is a sports enthusiast, then it is a highly recommended career.


  • Educational Psychologists


Educational Psychologists deal with the logical behavior of human beings. It helps to study human behavior by considering factors like Intelligence, upbringing, environment, health, and development, to name a few. This field includes lots of testing and scientific procedures.


  • Forensic Psychologists


Forensic Psychologist helps the justice system to investigate criminal cases in the view of Psychology. It helps to understand the criminal’s behavioral perspective and provide support to investigate the real motive behind the crime. It is vital for any country’s justice system and will help a lot solve various mystery crimes.


The field of Psychology is the backbone of our society. It is related to every aspect of our lives in some way or another. The Psychology degree study has many benefits, ranging from a wide range of job opportunities, serving the masses, and making smart decisions. There are multiple careers in this field that you may consider, from Educational Psychologists to Substance abuse counselors. You may opt for whichever subfield suits you according to your interests, capacity, and skills.


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