College can be a difficult adjustment for any student as it is a completely new way of life full of new responsibilities. Although there is some structure and services to help you out, you are essentially in charge of yourself . You have to set your own schedule, attend classes, set times to study and stay on top of your grades, all the while trying to maintain a social life. This can all be overwhelming and cause you to neglect that which is most important; your health.


By getting yourself into a routine, you can limit the amount of stress you experience which will lead to improved mental and physical health.




How you look on the outside is a reflection on how you feel on the inside, and feeling good about yourself is a great way to boost your confidence and improve your mental health. It can be difficult to motivate yourself to get ready for the day and not jump into a comfy outfit and rush out of the door to class, and it can be even harder for girls who like to do their hair or wear a nice outfit. Part of feeling having a good self-care routine is taking care of your skin and keeping yourself looking and feeling young. Wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself and even doing your hair can all contribute to you feeling good about the way you look.




Not getting enough quality sleep can greatly impact your mood as well as your overall mental and physical health so it is extremely important to practice good habits to wake up feeling refreshed and lead to a better quality of life. A lack of sleep can lead to mental health issues like anxiety and depression, cause you to lose focus, and even make you more irritable. You can take a look at these tips for better sleep habits.



Eat Right


It can be difficult to eat healthy in a college setting when you are limited in your options but you are in control of what goes in and out of your body. A poor diet can lead to health problems as well as mental problems, so it is extremely important to get the proper nutrition and maintain healthy eating habits. You can start by doing a little bit of research to get a better understanding of the foods you should be eating to stay healthy and from there you can come up with a meal plan or guideline to follow when you chose your meals.



It can be so easy to get into the habit of being inactive in college, but you’re not doing yourself any favors. Inactivity can cause you many physical problems but it can also greatly affect your mental health as well. You may find that the hardest thing is to find the time to exercise, but with a good routine and planning, you will find it a lot easier than you thought.



Some people are already involved in sports or work out at the gym but depending on your current activity level, you can start off slow by walking or light jogging and work from there until you are ready for something more. It can help a lot if you find someone to exercise with you, where they can provide you with encouragement or make you less likely to make excuses and avoid activity.


Personal Time


You should take the time to do the things that you enjoy doing, whether it is watching a tv show, spending time alone or with friends, visiting home, etc. It is important for you to relax every once in a while and get away from the things that can be stressing you out. Doing this will help you avoid becoming burnt out and developing symptoms of depression and anxiety which could lead to more health problems down the road.


Stay Organized


Come up with a routine where you can allow time for everything you need to do each day to maintain your health and happiness. You don’t have to have everything timed down to the minute, with the exception of your class schedule, but you should be able to plan ahead so you know what to expect. This way you can stay on top of your responsibilities and know what to expect. Keep a planner or calendar if it helps and try to avoid clutter by keeping a clean living space as well.



If you come up with a good routine and are able to stick with it, you will greatly impact your mental health as well as your physical health. By taking the time to try to look good, get enough sleep, exercise, eat right and do things for yourself, all while staying organized, you will develop good habits that will keep you healthy not just through college but for the rest of your life.

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