Students: Are You Being Safe?

People say that your college years are the best of your life. New-found independence, friends and finding out who you are means that these are pivotal years that shape your future. However, student life can sometimes feel as though you’re living in a bubble and are somehow invincible. This means that many students aren’t very safety conscious. So, if you’re a student, are you being safe?


If you’re a student who has a car on campus, you might not be aware of the risks. Driving on campus can be stressful and dangerous, as it’s very busy and there are constant hazards. You need to be careful on the roads in your new city too, as driving around an area you don’t know calls for extra vigilance. Make sure you are always abiding by the signs (like those from mysafetysign) and paying attention to the roads.


Student life and partying goes hand in hand. Partying can be a great way of letting your hair down after a deadline and making new friends. However, it’s important to stay safe when partying and know the risks. Know your limits when drinking alcohol and never accept a drink from a stranger. It can be useful to find a “buddy” to pair up with for the night, so you can check on each other and make sure you’re both safe. It might seem excessive, but student parties can get out of hand easily and it’s better to be cautious.

Walking at night

One of the biggest dangers of student life is you assume that you can’t get hurt on campus. You can feel protected by your student bubble and invincible to any issues. Don’t forget that campuses are big and anyone can get in. Whilst your college might be good on security, there are plenty of places to hide. So, be careful when walking around at night on campus. Whether you’re leaving a party, evening class or friend’s room, walking around on your own isn’t safe and makes you vulnerable, so you should always walk around in a group at night. There’s safety in numbers.


These days, it’s impossible to be a student without an online presence. Students are often required to be on social media for study group chats and social activities. However, it’s important to stay safe on social media and learn what is, and isn’t appropriate to share. Make sure you don’t post any personal details like your address or bank details, and be wary when speaking to strangers online.


Many students see college as a great opportunity to meet people and experiment romantically and sexually. You might be moving from a small town where there aren’t many people your age to a college full of interesting people. Great. Many people meet their significant others at college. However, whilst you should try to make meaningful connections and engage with new people, it’s important to know the risks when dating. Using dating apps, for example, might mean meeting strangers face to face, which can be risky. If you’ve got a date set up, tell someone where you’re going and what time so they can check up on you. Additionally, if you’re exploring physical relationships, make sure it’s always comfortable and consensual.

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