Reasons to Consider Smoking Marijuana in College

There is always a debate between people whether marijuana is injurious to health or beneficial. When you are in college, you will have stressful times, and there will be times you will be offered some weed by the friends to calm things down. Some people use it for medicinal purposes while some use it for recreational purposes. In college, you will mostly find people who are using it to relieve stress or are using it just for fun. If you have started smoking weed recently and are skeptical if you should smoke it or not, then this article is for you. Let’s have a look at how smoking weed can actually be good for you.

It Can Relieve Your Stress

You will have a lot of fun in college, but there is no denying that it is pretty stressful as well. One can get in the stress of assignments, exams or handling projects easily. The stress might bring out the best of some people, but not all of them can handle the stress. I have seen people in college who were not able to deal with their stress and started to drink a lot of alcohol. And that can be very harmful to your health. Instead, you can always smoke some weed and everything will become clear to you and your stress will go down. If you do not know where to get weed, you can grow your own as well. All you need to do is go to the top weed seed store in town, buy some seed and plant them in the right spot. You will also need to take good care of it in order to grow right.

You Will Be Able To Write Better Assignments

Smoking weed can also help you clear your perspective while writing a college paper, and it can do wonders for you. I know a friend of mine who got A+ on his paper and he wrote the entire thing when he was high on weed. Sometimes students start to panic and worry too much while writing a paper. This weakens their ability to write a better paper. When you smoke weed, you will be able to focus much better and will forget all the stress you had. You only focus on the paper and will give it your hundred percent. Cannabis can also help you in brainstorming. But make sure that you do not smoke too much, you want to enhance yourself not get too high.

College Is the Time for Experiment

If you would not smoke weed in college, then when will you smoke it? It is the perfect time for you to try everything in life. College is a whole different experience for all young persons. You do not just get to learn from the books and teacher but you also get to learn from the people around you. You will get a lot of opportunities to try new things out. Once you are out of college and are transitioning into professional life, you would not have time for this. So why not have your first puff of weed in college. Trust me; you do not want to miss out on that.

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