Getting ready to take your vacation is possibly the most exciting time of the year for the whole family. It is lovely to get away to your favorite holiday destination and spend days doing whatever you want. However, have you ever considered why a cruise may be the best holiday decision you can make?

For starters, a cruise gives you the chance to explore multiple destinations on your vacation. You may even get to set foot in multiple countries or even continents! Moreover, you will have the chance to sample different cuisines from different regions. 

There are also multiple cultures to experience as you are likely to pass through multiple countries. Moreover, you will enjoy being waited upon and treated like royalty the entire Komodo Island cruise

The following are reasons why you should book your cruise for your upcoming holiday. 


Visit Multiple Destinations without the Hassles of Packing and Unpacking


Your usual holiday involves multiple checking in and out of hotels especially if you visit a number of places. There is also a lot of packing and unpacking involved. A cruise provides with not only transportation but also accommodation. 

You check into your cabin, unpack once and enjoy your holiday. When you get to your new destination, you leave your stuff in your cabin and go out to explore. It is a very convenient way to enjoy multiple destinations. 


Option to Choose Your Cruise Preference


A cruise holiday comes with a variety of cruise options. These include the following:

  • Expedition style cruising
  • Ocean cruising
  • River cruising

They also give you options of ships to choose from. 


One Holiday Itinerary and Cost


Once you board your cruise ship, you do not have to worry about multiple schedules and prices. Your accommodation and transport are taken care of. It makes it very easy to plan for everyone in your party. 

A cruise holiday is also perfect for holidaymakers who would prefer to fly only when they must. Some people do not like flying. Therefore, the notion of multiple flights to get to their different destinations can be quite stressful. 

Once you have booked your cruise ship, you do not have to make other calls. All that remains is to figure out where to eat and what shore activities to undertake. 




A cruise gives you value for your money. You will know in advance how much most of your holiday will cost you. A cruise holiday comes in one package which includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Entertainment

Many cruise ships offer a bonus on-board credit to their guests. In addition, you are allowed to choose the style of cabins that will suit you and your loved ones. 


Cruise Entertainment


Cruise ships offer some of the best entertainment you will ever experience. The nightly entertainment includes:

  • Piano bar entertainment
  • Poolside bands
  • Comedy acts
  • Onboard casino

You should check the quality of entertainment offered by cruise ships before you make a firm choice. However, you will most likely find that the entertainment offered is top-notch on just about every cruise ship. 

In addition, the ship has other facilities such as shopping, a spa and even a gym. Cruising around Komodo island with international standard entertainment is one of the best experiences you could ever have. 


Multiple Onboard Options


There is something for everyone on a cruise ship. You can choose among the many choices of activities offered to stay occupied. However, if you would rather not engage, you have the freedom not to. 

The ship provides you with a newsletter every evening to update you on the following day’s activities. This allows you to organize your day around the schedule given to your satisfaction. 


Cruising is healthy for you. Apart from the healthy Indonesian cuisine, you will enjoy aboard your cruise ship, there is the fresh sea air as well as the saltwater to murk around in. There are exciting activities to engage in and also the beautiful, calm landscape to take in. It is quite good for the mind. 

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