College is an exciting time for young people. The freedom of being on your own for the first time and the uncertainty of making your own decisions can be a bit overwhelming. One of the first things you must come to grips with is your class schedule. This may sound like an easy thing to do, but often the classes do not line up with your time schedule. So, it is up to you to work with the times given and to have a full (but not crushing) academic schedule.

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College Sections

When a student signs up for a college course, they will often find that the course is divided up into course sections. A course section is an individual class unit that you can register for in order to complete your work.

College Sections For You

There are many college sections that you will take to complete your major. Some are required as part of your required degree courses and others are open-ended and more generic and they enhance your view of your goals. There are two types of open-ended courses. They are individualized courses (where you meet with the instructor individually or in small groups) or group-oriented courses.

Individualized Courses and Group-Oriented Courses.


Cheerleading is not just a high-school popularity game. Cheerleading is recognized as a sport. Cheerleaders are recruited for college just like basketball players, football players, and other sports. Scholarships are a real possibility.

In college, a cheerleader is required to keep their GPA up. The number of classes they miss is limited and watched. Cheer is very important to the school as it is support for the team, and it keeps the crowds excited. This turns into big money for the school.

While no sport is inexpensive, cheer can challenge a college budget. Therefore being careful that finding quality cheerleading skirts for the team is just as important as investing in the proper gear for the ballplayers.

Note: Students who are accepted into cheer will have very little social time outside the class and the field. They are often required to practice very long hours. They must attend the games and events. This is along with their academic studies. Cheer can take you to great places, but the road is sometimes difficult. You will have to be committed and your loyalty tested while you are hammering out the details of your college experience.

Business Management

Business Management and Business Administration are not the business classes of yesteryear. These careers have been re-defined in the past decade due to the age of technology, It is not surprising that business now includes management skills, accounting, and computer experience. Today’s business manager is strong in people skills and programs that track expenses, profits and loss, and time management and that is just the beginning.

Business Management sections allow a student to absorb the information in a way that is much easier to work into their curriculum. Students report that taking the course in sections helps them keep up and excel in their classes.

The competition is fierce in the field of business. Section learning may give you the edge you need to succeed.


College students sometimes do not think of writing as part of their career if they are not majoring in journalism. However, there is not a better or more useful subject to master. It may surprise you to know there are more than 20 writing majors.

They include (but are not limited to):

  • Professional
  • Technical
  • Business
  • Science and Medical
  • Journalism

On the college level, your assignments and reports will be better received when your ability to communicate your thoughts in print is refined. On a business level, poor writing skills could lower your customers or employers faith in you. Your knowledge is only valuable if you present it properly.

Even though you’re not planning majoring in journalism, if writing is your passion, you can easily turn it into a side job or keep it as a hobby. There are many professional writers who can give you advice how you achieve your goals when it comes to writing – whether you’re interested in becoming better as an essay writer or mastering academic writing.

Football and course sections

Unless you or someone you love has ever played football through college, they could not know the academic challenges the players face. Often times football affords a person to go to college, that otherwise may not be able to attend. Football is a huge deal. You cannot play college football long if you do not give it all you’ve got. Failing at football and not giving it the attention it deserves is not an option. However, getting a degree is critical.

There are times when a footballer needs to take a class, but it collides with spring practice or other issues. Taking class sections is their saving grace. When your schedule is packed full, any wiggle room is appreciated.

While no one wants to have such a heavy load, many times football players report that it was the drive that he developed during his college football years that prepared him for the demanding pace of his career.


There are many class sections for arts, history, sculpture, writing, and drawing. However, an engineering major has specific needs to balance his engineering requirements. You will find class sections for subjects like Basic Drawing or Design Fundamentals that are reserved for students with an engineering major. These courses all you to keep up academically while getting the basic skills down that will assist you while establishing your career.


The college experience has changed with the needs of the students. While your schedule and classes may not be the same as your parents, there is room for everything. Online classes, course sections, and a facility that is willing to help you meet your needs are all part of the program. Seek the help of experts to help you get it all together. You can have a full schedule and still have time for the other activities in your life. You can play sports, make practice, and take full advantage of your college of choice. You simply need to ask for help from those who do this for a living. It is okay to want it all and it is okay to have it all. Just be sure your priorities are in order and whatever major you choose, will get your full commitment.

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