Let’s face it: Taking the SAT can be quite a stressful undertaking. The pressure to perform well for college entrance and scholarships can sometimes be more than a person can bear. You may find out you have test anxiety now as you go through practice exams and SAT prep classes. Why does everything have to come down to this one test? Can’t your grades be enough to get you that acceptance letter? While there are many things students can do to get ready for the big exam, knowing a few tips and standard test-taking tips may help you do even better. Check out these six test-taking strategies to get you through the big day.

1. Prep and Practice (But Not Too Much)

Taking practice tests is one surefire way to get you used to what you may see on the test. Going to a test prep center like Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center can give you an advantage over those who have not done any kind of prepping.

2. There Is Only One Correct Answer

The SAT is not subjective: Every question has one correct answer. Your job is to concentrate on eliminating the three wrong answers and land on the correct one.

3. Rely Heavily on Context Clues

When reading through the comprehension section, take a look at the totality of the text. There will be vocabulary words and concepts you may now understand. You can, however, usually eliminate answers based on the context of a sentence, paragraph or even the entire piece.

4. Develop a Go-To Reading Strategy

There are a few different ways you can tackle the comprehension passages on the SAT.

  • Skim the text
  • Jump down to the questions before reading
  • Read the text in its entirety

During your practice and prep sessions, you should develop a strategy that works best for you.

5. Highlight Key Words in Math Problems

You may have been advised to underline critical pieces of information in reading comprehension passages, but you should also be doing the same in math problems. Doing so helps you focus on computation methods and operations to use.

6. Know Your Formulas

There are some basic formulas you have to memorize for the SAT. This is just a matter of repetition and practice. Not having them in your mind can cause you great pains and many mistakes. Take the time to devote to memorization.

The SAT exam is daunting, but with some practice and test preparation, you can show up feeling more confident in your abilities.

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