5 Ways You Can Prepare for Your Freshman Year

So, you’re heading off to College! Do you have any idea what to expect? Are you going to manage being away from your friends and family? Or can you simply not wait to get your first taste of real freedom? Planning for College certainly takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, there’s a lot to think about, from your College Major to making new friends, how you’ll cope without mom and dad and how you’ll manage with your study schedule.

It might seem a little daunting, but there are some simple ways you can prepare for your Freshman year. Read on for a little inspiration – and good luck!

Get ready to study

The workload you’re about to accept will be nothing like your Highschool capacity. The reading alone will require levels of concentration and dedication that you probably haven’t given before. With this in mind, making sure you’re ready to study will certain be an advantage. Get to grips with citations, referencing, plagiarism – you’ll find a plagiarism checker here – advanced spelling and grammar expectations and your ability to stay focused. College isn’t all about hard work, but you are there to learn and hopefully open doors for the future career or life you want, so don’t neglect your studies too much!

Learn how to do things

Have you ever cooked yourself a nutritious meal before? How about the laundry? Heading off to College means you’re getting your first real taste of adulthood and independence. Which means all the boring stuff that comes with it. Knowing how to do basic things will certainly make your experience at College a little easier.

Make sure you know how to stay safe

This applies to any time of life. But whilst you’re at College and you’re stepping out into the world the first time, you need to exercise caution. This means applying common sense and keeping safe when you’re walking home alone after dark, or out with your friends. Check how your College deals with sexual assaults, theft and other dangerous behaviours and read up on their safety procedures. It’ll give your parents peace of mind too.

Brush up on those communication skills

At College, you’ll be expected to communicate effectively. From working in group projects, to conveying your own opinions and feelings independently. You’ll be moving into accommodation with people you’ve never met, and you might be feeling the pressure to make friends as quickly as possible. Brush up on your social skills before you head to College and don’t be afraid to reach out and start a conversation.

Know your financial position

Before you leave for College, its important to know where you stand financially. So, be prepared to take on a job whilst you’re out there to pay for things like new clothes, entertainment and nights out with friends. Finding a job shouldn’t be too difficult whether that’s working at a fast food place, a server at a bar, or even working at the College. Your family might be able to help you out, but it’s always best not to rely solely on others.

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