Most people when they hear of the phrase “male escort” they typically think you get paid for sex.  While this is true to an extent there’s a whole lot about male escorts that people outside this business do not comprehend. First off, male escorts can be broken down into subcategories.

There are gay male escorts, bisexual male escorts and there are straight male escorts. Oh, by the way, I am a straight male escort at Gentlemen4Hire. I exclusively cater to the needs of women by charging fair amounts of money to provide comfort and boost up their confidence.

There is a general consensus among people outside and within the industry that the demand for a straight male escort is so much lower than the demand for bisexual or gay male escorts. As earlier mentioned there are many different types of escorts, as well as there are many different types of escort clients. Of course, it’s true but in this niche, it’s about the depth of the client’s pocket, not necessarily the size.

Also, it’s not about getting paid to sleep with women. Oh no, far from it. It’s about giving my clients a guaranteed good time coupled with professionalism and discretion.

Typically I get paid by women to accompany them to birthday parties, conferences, weddings, dinner dates, family dinners, paid vacations, where I play the role of an accomplished, alpha male boyfriend.  So, in essence, I’m more of a boyfriend for hire but without the sex.

Yes, you are probably thinking, how is that even possible? Well, women are different and most of them just want an intimate connection.

To women, having intimate company can be many things. Sometimes it’s because they just want to be pampered, sometimes it’s the stress from work and they want you there to make them relax. In such instances, I usually offer to give them a massage. Sometimes they just want some alone time with you. I mean just sitting or lying down with you and literally doing nothing can sometimes be enough. It sounds weird but it’s true. Many times it can be a combination of a couple of these things. Whatever the reason, I’m there for them.

Aside from going to various events, sometimes my clients just want to be with a man. In such instances I get to pick the time and the location of where we will meet. It could be a restaurant with good food, a bike ride or road trip, club etc. It all depends on what I think will make them happy. Most of the time it works but I always have a plan B to revert to if my client feels uncomfortable.

So on average, I would say I see each of my clients once or twice a month, sometimes more. It all depends on their schedule and how often or long they want to see me. Sometimes the more wealthy ones will want me for a whole week or two, usually for vacation purposes.

In a nutshell, I love what I do and it’s truly rewarding.

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