Created by, Ryan Hudson, a MIT graduate looking to save a quick buck on his chronic pizza orders, the Honey browser extension now has saved online consumers over 170 million dollars over the past year alone. How you may ask? Well, Honey is programmed to discover online coupons and track price drops. With the help of Co-Founder, George Ruan, and 100 other investors, Honey is worth roughly 40 million dollars since being downloaded to Chrome, Safari or Firefox over 8 million times.

The coupons Honey discovers work with popular online retailers like Amazon, Target, Nike, Bloomingdale’s, Forever 21, Expedia and over 20,000 more.

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Instead of seeing a coupon code field during an online checkout and not having that code, but you know there must me a code out there, Honey finds that coupon code for you. You could do the time consuming “extreme couponing” yourself, but why not download the free browser extension?

What Honey does is says, ‘Hey, we just tested all these codes and we picked out one that works.’ It’s like winning the lottery. – George Ruan

Another nice feature of Honey is its price drop tracking. Basically, you can select an item while shopping online and Honey will alert you when that item’s price drops.

Find out more about the logistics of the Honey browser extension and Honey Gold (more cash back and rewards on purchases), then download it to save you hundreds to thousands of dollars a year. No fluff.

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