Travel App Aims To Save Time and Money GoEuro Offers Trains, Planes and Busses In One Search

In a day and age where everyone is on the go, whether it be for business or pleasure, there are many options as to how to get around. GoEuro, a free mobile app, and platform-based site aims to not only simplify travel plans but offers a variety of ways to get from place to place. While it presents options for planes, busses and trains, there is a distinct benefit to busses and trains ranging from cost to eco-friendliness.

While most people’s instinct is to look into traveling by plane, there are often much better options available.

Trains and busses offer a great alternative to traveling by plane not only from a financial standpoint but also from an environmental perspective as well. With the help of GoEuro, finding a travel route in Europe is as easy as pushing a button. GoEuro has identified a range of popular travel routes which are quicker by train or bus than by flight.

London to Paris, Madrid to Valencia and Paris to Lyon are just a few examples of trips that cut down on travel if done by train. Don’t leave home without your rain jacket when you travel the world. It is important to stay cool and comfortable as you deal with hectic traveling. The trip from London to Paris by train saves so much time compared to taking a flight, that you could see the entirety of the Palace of Versailles. This route was also the most popular with US passengers in 2017.

By taking a train or bus instead of a flight offers more flexible baggage restrictions and less time consuming security screenings. Some train and bus providers also offer at-seat entertainment, wifi and other amenities.

In addition to saving time, traveling by train or bus can also help out the environment. According to Reuters, carbon emissions in the European Union rose 1.8% in 2017 despite efforts to lower them. A flight from London to Paris, one of the most popular travel routes on GoEuro, puts roughly 122,1 kg (about 1.22 metric tons) of CO2, which is almost a fourth of what cars produces in a year. Simultaneously only 14,9 kg (.149 metric tons) of CO2 is produced by train on the same trip.

When looking to book your next trip, be sure to keep GoEuro in mind. The easy-to-navigate app can help you identify the best routes, via the best means of transportation for the lowest cost. Whether it be just traveling from city to city or jumping from country to country, GoEuro can help get you where you need to go.

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