Nine Dainty Piercings Even Your Parents Will Love

We all have that innate desire to always make sure we’re always making our parents proud and not disappointing them. Well mostly, anyway. The instant they hear us talking about a tattoo or piercing and they frown, we begin to doubt our decision and may even put it off. To both appease your parents’ feelings (for now) and to still scratch that needle itch, here are nine dainty piercings that they will love – if they even notice them!

Piercing #1: Nose

Ok, so this one they will most definitely notice. It’s small and different from sticking to your ears, however, so you get to be a bit adventurous while keeping them happy. Keep in a small stud then slowly venture into wearing a thin hoop nose ring and they’ll forget about it in no time. This lead to you moving on to bigger and more exciting piercings or ink. Parents: they need to be eased into it. A small, cute facial piercing is just where to start.

Piercing #2: Helix

In the event you’re afraid to take the plunge and get your face pierced still, go with a regular and simple helix piercing! Depending on how you wear your hair, your parents may not even notice until well after the fact (say for instance when you decide to go for a really “outrageous” piercing). When they voice their disapproval, you can always flash the helix piercing that has gone unnoticed for 6 or more months! All jokes aside, this one is very discreet, making it a parental winner.

Piercing #3: Tragus

The tragus is also very discreet, but less so than the helix. It has a little more edge to it than being right on the ear itself like a more traditional ear piercing. There is still the chance your parents won’t even notice! If they do, they may not even really think twice about it. Conversely, there’s the chance they think it’s quite weird. Regardless, the tragus piercing is another one easily forgotten by the parents that you can’t go wrong with.

Piercing #4: Forward Helix


Everything the helix had to offer, but forward. Add that it’s more discreet, since hoops and dangling jewelry are less likely to be worn from the forward helix than the regular, and there’s even more reason for your parents to love this one!

Piercing #5: Rook

Since the rook piercing is tucked inside your ear, they really can’t argue about it being flashy and gaudy, right? Much like the other ear piercings, your hair could easily hide this one. Maybe it won’t hide it from them, but hide it from constant view, so their disapproval can subside more easily without being reminded every time you see them.

Piercing #6: Snug


Once again, this piercing is kind of tucked in your ear, plus it really does border on the end of your lobe, so your parents shouldn’t really argue about this one. They ought to love it since it gives you the sense of adventure and excitement that a new piercing provides without really going overboard into flashy piercings. A happy median for both sides!

Piercing #7: Antitragus


Will your parents even notice this one? Even in 6 months? This one could nearly be passed off as part of your lobe (although we know otherwise), so they may not even think twice. Secret piercing!

Piercing #8: Auricle


Ok, so this one really is practically your earlobe. It’s at least partially earlobe. The likelihood that they will have a complaint about this one is so low, we say just go for it! An auricle piercing is an excellent option for a first piercing.

Piercing #9: Multiple Lobe


If you really respect your parent’s opinion and you don’t want to disappoint them in the slightest – which there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with – you can tiptoe into the land of piercings by getting your lobes done a second or third time. Multiple earrings can be a great look! It’s completely fine to want to ease in for your parent’s sake. They’re of a different era, so opinions can take some time to shift.

As you can see, there are tons of piercing options you can get that let you express your personality while maintaining peace at home. Worried about starting a war with the parents? This list is your new best friend. Urban Body Jewelry is here to supply the best body jewelry around for whatever piercing you choose! Do you have some of these piercings already? How’d it go down when, or if, your parents noticed?

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