When you think of a librarian, you may picture a man or woman behind a large desk checking out books and other materials for the visitors standing in line. But, did you know there can be many different librarians working in the same library? If you’re looking at earning a degree in library science at a school such as the University of Southern California, it’s helpful to learn about the different types of librarians. Consider five examples.

A Children’s Librarian

A children’s librarian is just what it sounds like. This professional works in the children’s section of a library. Some job responsibilities include helping parents and kids find books by specific authors or find books that deal with particular issues. A librarian may lead story time each day for parents and their kids. Children’s librarians come up with ideas for book displays, posters and games to put out for kids who visit. A children’s librarian is dedicated to conveying the fun of reading and of using the library.

A Digital Librarian

A digital librarian is responsible for updating the library’s website. This includes adding descriptions of new books, DVDs and CDs to the online catalog. Also, a digital librarian plans the look of the online catalog and makes it as easy as possible for visitors to access. This librarian processes online requests to borrow books from other libraries.

A Reference Librarian

A reference librarian specializes in helping visitors find resources to complete special projects. For instance, a reference librarian may help a visitor research their family tree. The librarian knows how to access family records and track down information about the person’s ancestors. A reference librarian may not work in the central part of a library. Instead, the professional may work in one small section of the library or have a separate office where he or she can help visitors.

A Young Adult Librarian

Many large libraries have a section filled with books for young adults. A young adult librarian is familiar with the books included in this section. This professional can help visitors find authors, specific titles and series. Plus, a young adult librarian may be called upon to help teens and preteens find resources for their school projects and homework assignments.

A Special Collections Librarian

A special collections librarian deals with specific materials. For instance, this librarian may be in charge of a collection that is filled with local historical figures and events. This collection likely includes information about the town’s founder and the early structures built in the town. A special collections librarian like this can help visitors who are doing projects related to the history of the town or simply inform people who want to know more about where they live. A special collection can have any type of material. It may be a special collection filled with artifacts, diaries or letters of a famous person or artwork from a particular time period.

Lastly, the fact that there are many options within the occupation of librarian makes it an enticing career choice. If you want to become a librarian, think about the topics that interest you in order to choose the best role for you in the library.

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