It is no surprise you are overloaded in school, college, or university because of the huge quantity of academic assignments that you get. As a result, you feel permanently tired and later, even stressed. Who needs that? To be productive and to manage to do many things, you have to know how to have a rest in the right way. We have prepared a very interesting article on the best ways to relax if you overstudied. Are you interested? Then keep on reading!

Engage in Physical Activities

No matter how tired you feel, the best way to fight study stress is to engage yourself in the physical activities. Just experiment – visit the gym after classes, and you will see the revival of your spirits. You have no idea how much energy you have, and you can only find it out if you try to use your powers as much as possible. Have you noticed that if you spend the lazy weekend and do basically nothing, you will still feel tired at the end of the day? That only confirms our theory. After spending an hour or two in the gym, you will fall asleep immediately.

Get out of the House

One of the best relaxation techniques is having a walk outside the house after a difficult and tiresome day. It does not mean what exactly you are going to do – meet with friends, take a dog for a walk, or simply go out to reflect. The main thing for you is to breathe the fresh air – it will make you relax immediately because the fresh air does wonders with people. Did you ever think about why people who are nauseous or do not feel well are immediately taken outside to the fresh air? Why? Because fresh air is able to bring anyone to life. Do not underestimate what it can do to your exhausted organism!


If you feel you are really tired, it is high time to try meditation. We are aware of the fact that not all the people can do it, and some even get annoyed and cannot concentrate on the inner peace. However, if you feel exhausted, it is time to master these techniques. If you think of how to relax before exam, meditation would be one of the best methods. The only problem you might meet is finding the quiet place and enough space to do even the simplest exercises. It might become difficult if you live in the dorm, however, if it is warm outside, you can always find the perfect place somewhere in the park. However, if you feel that no meditation is going to help you to pass the exam and you are too stressed to study even after meditation, check this essay assistance page.

Give Yourself a Hand Massage

Have you noticed that a person usually rubs his/her hands before something important? What do you think it means? It means that the hands carry a lot of tension, and the person automatically rubs them when s/he gets ready for something. To relax the whole body, you need to start with the good massage of your hands. We advise you to have a good lotion or cream and massage each finger and then, the whole hands. The hand massage might help to stop even the pounding heart. If you have a lot of spare time, you can even rub your neck and shoulders – that would help you fight the over studying.


No matter how ridiculous it may sound, but writing might be helpful if you are not aware of how to relieve stress from school. Write everything you wish – from a beautiful story that comes to your mind to the reasons why you feel stressed. The first option will help you distract from the heavy thoughts and thus relieve you while the second one will aid you to figure out what exactly makes you stressed and maybe even release from the factors causing stress to you. You have no idea how useful writing is. You might not be aware of what to start with, however, be patient – it will go much better after 10 minutes when you cannot stop writing.

photo credit: Robert E. Kennedy Library at Cal Poly StudentStudy3 via photopin (license)

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