8 Tips to Help You Improve Your Writing Skills When in College

Writing essays and other academic papers are a routine for a scholar in college or high school. Essay writing becomes part of a scholar from the moment they join a college until when they graduate. This means if you want your life in college as a scholar to be easy, you have to possess good writing skills. Otherwise, things will be tough for you.

If you want to learn how to craft superb essays below are some tips to help you out. These tips will equip you with exceptional skills to make produce a world-class academic writing in your next assignment.

Write Routinely

Practice makes perfect. For you to be exceptional in your writing, you have to practice. It doesn’t come all that easy. You need to dedicate some time and effort in writing papers for practice only.

You don’t have to wait until when your professor gives you an assignment to start writing. Come up with a topic on your own, research, and write a paper about. Your paper may not be the paper but when you make it a routine to write, you will become better.

Essay writing is one of the tasks that many scholars consider as boring. For you to be able to write daily for exercise, make it fun by choosing a topic you have a special interest.

Also, don’t write too long essays. Keeping a journal where you can be writing several hundred words per day can be a good way to go. This may seem little but it won’t make you be bored. When you maintain consistency, you will grow your skills and be able to write superb papers.

Have a Plan

If you want to get better in writing essays, you need to have a plan in terms of time management and how you will write your paper. Proper time management ensures you have enough time to do research.

Without proper research, you can’t write a credible paper. Don’t wait until the night to submission to begin writing the paper. You should plan yourself to avoid rushing things to meet the deadline. This would result in a messed up paper.

Before you start to write a paper, have a blueprint of what you want to write. Having an outline will help you to keep your writing organized. Your writing will have a clear flow which will give your readers a better understanding. You will not have to do a lot of revision or forget to include important details in the writing.

Focus on your Target Audience

Before you start to write know your target audience first. This will determine the tone you will use in your writing. Using a wrong tone can get your audience bored when they read the first paragraph of your academic writing.

Make them your priority and you will keep them intrigued by your writing. Managing to capture and retain the attention of your audience is one sign that shows your skills of writing are great.

Conduct Proper Research

The accuracy of information in an academic paper is one measure used to determine its quality. If you want your writing to contain accurate information, you need to do a proper research.

Don’t write a paper for the sake of writing. The paper will not be useful to anybody, not even you. The papers are supposed to provide knowledge to the readers and can’t do that when they have wrong information.

The Internet has made conducting research easy. You don’t have to go peruse thousands of pages in a page to research. You only need to use search engines and databases properly.

Get familiar with different writing styles

There are many writing styles used to write college research papers. MLA and APA format are the most common styles. You need to know how these and other styles are applied in writing academic papers.

When writing your papers, consider the styles your professional audiences are looking for. One professor may require MLA format while another one may require papers to be written using APA format. Failure to adhere to their respective format needs may make your paper be rejected regardless of how good it is in terms of content.

Proofread and Edit Before Submission

When you are done writing a research paper, go through it again before you submit. This is meant to make sure everything is in order in terms of syntax, coherence, spelling, sentence structure, and other grammar rules.

You can use the services of online grammar checkers for proofreading and editing. Better still, you can tell a friend to go through your work. A Grammar checker or your friend is most likely going to find mistakes that you couldn’t.

Don’t get Tired of Drafting Many Copies

Your first copy of writing is not always going to be the best. This should not discourage you from perfecting your skills. Write as many drafts as possible without losing hope. With each copy you make, the better you become in terms of ideas and how you relay them.

Use Critiques to improve your Writing

Whenever somebody points out a mistake about your essay writing capability, don’t take it negatively. Use it as a form of encouragement that will help you do better next time. If you pay attention to critiques, you will note the mistakes you made and will avoid repeating them next time. This will make your writing better with time.


Essay writing is one of the most dread things by many scholars because of the assumption that it’s difficult. However, if you know to go about it, crafting exceptional essays will be a walk in the park for you. The above guide can help you improve your skills to achieve this.

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About the author:

Anita Petrie is a content writer based in New York. She writes on different topics and proofreads them. Also, she helps people in e-learning and contributes to websites such as RapidEssay and EssaysMatch.

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