It’s not just the holiday season, but also end of the quarter or semester for college and high school students. ‘Tis the season to reward yourself with a post-final gift or two, maximizing the gift-giving season and taking advantage of some of the best deals around. Whether you’re shopping for a post-grade release gift for yourself or someone else, coming up with the perfect present can be a little tricky. Here’s the ultimate gift list for the straight-A student:

  1. A gently used dream car. Whether it’s a sweet 16 or you’re finishing that advanced degree this winter, a used BMW is the ultimate present for any scholar. The prices are surprisingly affordable for these in-demand machines, whether you’re looking to save big on last year’s model or are looking into a vintage ride. A BMW always makes a statement, and that’s just what grads and Dean’s List students need and deserve. Used luxury vehicles can help students take their next step, whether it’s tackling next semester, going off to college, or looking for that dream career.
  2. A new gaming computer. It’s not only gamers who can benefit from state of the art technology. These machines are designed to handle whatever you challenge them with, from engineering students tackling dissertations to the social media guru having dozens of tabs open at once. If you’re sick of having to replace your laptop or desktop every year because it wears out, it’s time to upgrade to a gaming machine that has the capacity to handle high demands.
  3. Tickets to a memorable getaway. From Bali to London and everywhere in between, rewarding yourself with a once in a lifetime trip will surely make the end of the term memorable. Students can also double down by choosing a destination where they can get credits for volunteering or taking a drop-in class at a local university. Whether you want to get your TEFL certification while you travel or simply want to relax and learn outside of the classroom, nothing compares to gifting a vacation.
  4. Language classes. You don’t have to travel to better learn a language—although total immersion is a well-proven method. For the student who wants to keep learning and challenging themselves, a series of language classes (or a Rosetta Stone subscription) can be a great gift. It’s especially helpful for language students who just completed a course and don’t want to lose what they’ve learned.
  5. Professional resume services. Resume services do a lot more than whip up a customized and impressive CV. They can also help with reputation management and building an online presence. Students that want to continue to succeed in school or in their career need a lot more than a professional resume—that’s just a start. They need a full online presence that’s been crafted by experts to showcase their skills and talents. In the digital era, few people can make this happen themselves. Give the gift of expert resume and online services to gain leverage over the competition.
  6. A gift certificate to their favorite bookstore. Everyone wants more books, and for students these tomes come at a high price. However, it can be difficult to spend on what’s often considered a “splurge.” Ditch the library loans next semester and give the gift of books, books, and more books.

The end of the semester is always steeped in weary celebrations. Perk up your inner student, or the beloved student in your life, with a gift that’s perfect for them. Whether they have a travel bug, are in desperate need of a ride upgrade, or they’re a bookworm who struggles with spending on themselves, there’s a gift out there just for them.


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