MacBooks are amazing to use when you’re in college as they’re light, powerful, and come with plenty of storage. Plus, Apple has student offers, which means it’s rude not to take advantage of them! If you own a MacBook, then this article will blow your mind as you’ll learn about some unbelievable hacks that you wish you knew years ago…

Prolong your MacBook battery

There’s nothing worse than getting to a lecture and realizing your MacBook is low on power. You probably only have about half an hour left, but this class is an hour long. There aren’t any charging ports nearby, so what do you do? As it happens, you can download an app that activates a power-saving mode and analyzes your MacBook to save as much power as possible. This can extend your battery life, so you can make it through the lecture and jot down all your notes!

Organize all of your MacBook files

How many of you have spent precious minutes trying to find certain files or folders that contain all of your important work? You’ve downloaded so many different things that your home screen is an absolute mess, and all your files are just all over the place. Well, if you download an app called Spotless, you can organize all of the files in one or two clicks of your touchpad. Everything can be rounded up, meaning all the important things go in one place, and there are clear headings for all your folders. Plus, you can schedule file tidying to ensure things don’t get out of hand again! Now, you have a clean and organized MacBook ready to study.

Speed up your MacBook

A slow MacBook is usually the result of too many activities being run at the same time, or too much storage space being used. You can counter both problems by going to the Utilities folder in your Mac. Here, you can click on the Activity Monitor to see what applications are draining your performance, then end them to speed things up. Also, you can type ‘sudo purge’ while in this folder to automatically purge loads of useless files and free up around 500mb.

Use the three finger tap

The three finger tap is a touchpad shortcut that’s so useful for college students. Have you ever been reading through an article or resource and come across words you don’t understand? If you hover over them and tap the touchpad with three fingers, then it automatically pops up with a dictionary definition and thesaurus synonyms! Trust me, now you know this is a thing, you’ll be using it so often to understand words and ensure you’re not repeating yourself when writing assignments.

Of course, there are loads more insane Macbook hacks that college students can make a lot of use out of. The four I’ve chosen will help you use your MacBook for longer, keep it organized, speed up the performance, and access the dictionary/thesaurus with ease. If you’d like a follow-up article with four more MacBook hacks, then please let me know, and I’ll try and make it for you!

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