Research is a big part of pursuing a master’s degree, whether you’re getting one online or offline. Most of the time, you need to find information and process data as you try to complete assignments and write papers on various subjects. Aside from good research skills, you also need to know about the right tools to use.

There are apps, software, and web resources that will help you to complete research-related tasks more easily. The gadgets you use are also handy tools to have. In this article, we are going to review the top research tools every online (and offline) student must know.

CamScanner and CamScanner Pro

CamScanner is one of the best must-have apps to install on your phone if you do a lot of research and reading. The app, as the name suggests, turns your smartphone camera into a capable document scanner. It has many additional features too, including the ability to do character recognition on the documents you scan.

CamScanner is the perfect app to have if you’re pursuing a degree such as an online masters in project and program management degree. While most of the books you use are already in digital form, you often have to read print texts and journals to complete your assignments. The app will help transform those books and journals into a searchable archive in seconds.

The Pro version of the app is even more capable and is certainly a worthy investment. You get additional features such as intelligent document management and better real-time synchronization between devices, making the whole experience of using the app better. If you’re pursuing a degree from reputable universities such as Brandeis University, you can also apply for a free upgrade to this version.

Librarians Internet Index

Finding books in libraries is so much easier to do now that you can access the full catalog through Librarians Internet Index. Available at, the index features a searchable directory of more than 3,000 topics and a vast amount of resources for students. It is maintained by a group of librarians and it is considered to be one of the best internet research tools to use.

The Librarians Internet Index is not the only index you can access. You can also tap into the Library of Congress for materials such as the American Memory Collection. There is also the Perseus Digital Library for those studying history and linguistics.

Project Gutenberg

This last research tool is a resource that will save you a lot of trouble. Project Gutenberg is a project that grants you access to more than 20,000 books for free. Project Gutenberg recently connected its database to other providers of free books, expanding the available titles to more than 100,000. Whether you need a project management book for your online MSMPP program assignment, or you want to read “The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci” for a project, you can access amazing titles from this site.

These research tools will definitely make your life as an online student easier. You can find information and resources you need for assignments and exams within minutes now that you know where – and how – to look for them effectively.

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