This Startup Just Gave You an “A” on Your Paper

So you have a question, not about memes but the important things in life like happiness, relationships, or self-actualization. Where do you go for answers? Google?

Try searching something important like “job satisfaction” in Google to see what results rise to the surface. Likely you will reach a Wikileak’s post about job satisfaction with a ton of information to consume and the accuracy of the information can be questionable. Or you may get lists of jobs arbitrarily ranked by satisfaction with little or no explanation on why each job is that certain rank. Beneath the surface, it seems larger search engines are not designed to unbiasedly help you.

Now try to search the same topic in Knowtro. What you will discover is a database full of research papers that create a study guide for your life. For example, there will be a study about enriching your job design to increase your job satisfaction with data and cited sources to solidify the thesis. You will be able to search through 1000s of topics covered by the most reputable academic journals. What do you want to know?

Through Knowtro you have an entire college library sensibly organized at your fingertips.

Furthermore, Knowtro is a technology-education startup changing the way students, professionals, and curious individuals interact with academic research. This engine was engineered to help people find answers with evidence quickly. On the other hand, current search engines prioritize ‘popular’ content and superficial descriptions and not rigorous academic research.

Hence, by using Knowtro your knowledge return on investment goes up. In other words, the time it takes to obtain a nugget of knowledge goes down, giving you more time to conduct stronger research and grow in other areas of life.

Knowtro unlocks a world of doctoral knowledge.

With most academic research locked in the world of academia, people who are either underqualified or on a time-crunch, unable to devote the necessary time to read, understand, and utilize this information are left misinformed. Ergo the mission of Knowtro, to unlock this information and give everyone access to the most cutting-edge scientific research in the world within seconds. Knowtro does this by transforming complex research into simple statements of knowledge for work, school, and life.

The research findings that arise from each search topic are full of insight to sink your teeth into.

Examples of search results using Knowtro: 

Correlation between Materialism and Compulsive Smartphone usage

To interpret this finding, simply read from left to right. Research suggests that materialism increases compulsive smartphone usage by 38%.

Research finding on college GPA

The details on how this academic engine works is explained thoroughly in this demo video below:

What is your knowledge return on investment? Find out how much you will learn and time you will save researching important topics using Knowtro the next time you have a research paper due or just become curious about something.

Start Knowtro by searching what’s on your mind or picking a topic from the homepage!

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