Joining the college after high school is really a thing of excitement. With the student loan in hand, you will feel rich and free even before the term starts. But, if you fail to take care of your expenses, you may end up in a huge debt within a short period of time. Most of the students only realize the loss after making up all the financial mistakes. So to avoid that, here are few tips that you must follow and save yourself from debt.


You have just received the student loan and now you have enough balance in your account. This seems to be too good during the first few weeks when you have not started to spend money. The last thing that you want to hear at this point is budgeting. But this is something you need to do for sure. Remember that you need to pay the rent, buy food as well as textbooks before you get ready for the Fresher’s party. So make sure you budget everything properly beforehand.

Spend on food

Students are more keen to buy the new pair of shoes, new textbooks and clothes even before spending on food. This will definitely help you look good inside the campus but at the cost of diet beans! So once you have paid the rent, it is time you plan food and buy it.

Cook smart

When it comes to cooking meals, you may either end up wasting the weekly shopped items or you have to rush for last minute shopping. In the former scenario, fresh veggies and fruits get spoiled before you really reach to them. So it would be better that you cook the whole food and then freeze them in divided portions for daily consumptions. Moreover, cooking in a group will save on the budget as well as reduce the chances of leftovers.

Look for discount coupons

Saving money is the priority of the students and so they should look for coupons when shopping. Go for free items, percentage discounts, clearance sale, etc. when shopping for clothes, restaurant food, entertainment, etc.

Work part-time

If you are not able to control the expenses you can opt for part-time jobs. There are a number of part-time jobs that students can take up without affecting their studies and classes. Moreover, you need to look for places that offer flexible hours so that you will get enough time to study as well as get along with friends.

Check student discount

Most of the stores offer a student discount on the products and services. Similarly, there is a discount on public transportation facility for students. A good number of attractions are free for students or they offer tickets at discounted rates. So keep an eye on them and see where and on what all you can save a good number of pennies.
So, being students, keep these things in mind and lead a happy and budget-friendly university years.

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