Funding Your Study Supply Costs By Selling Your Old Phone And Other Electricals

Your time at college can be the best years of your life, but one thing that holds many students back is money. Keeping up with the social side of college, and still having the funds to buy everything you need to succeed in your studies is tough. Nobody wants to have to sacrifice their social life for the sake of books, but without books you will struggle. Most students want to get their degree and have a great time doing it, finding the financial balance to study and have fun can be difficult.

You Could Be Sitting On A Goldmine

If you’re looking to get some extra money together, selling your old stuff could be the answer. Many us have old gadgets laying around that we don’t use anymore. It can be tempting to hold on to these, incase there are any issues with your current device and you need a backup. However, if you are holding on to an old phone ‘just in case’, then the longer you do so, the less it will be worth. It can be hard to let go of your old possessions, so you should look at them for what they are, old possessions that you probably have no use for. If you are holding on to your old phone as a back-up, let it go. In the event that your phone decides to break, you can purchase a budget model to keep you going.

How Much Can I Get For My Old Phone?

This depends on a number of factors, including the make, model, and condition. Phones that have been protected well are of greater value than those that have cosmetic defects. However much your phone is worth, is extra cash in your pocket that you can spend on books. Nobody likes paying out for study materials, so it’s better to pay for them with money that you didn’t have in the first place. The age of your phone will be a determining factor in terms of value, the older it is, the less value it has. Therefore, the quicker you act, the more money you’ll get for it. If you have just recently upgraded the handset on a two year contract, then there should be some good value in your old one.

How Do I Find The Best Price?

With so many phone recycling companies out there, it is difficult to know who to sell to. The amount you will receive for your old phone could vary greatly between companies, so shopping around for the best deal for you is recommended. Sell My Mobile is a good place to start, as it allows you to enter the details of your device and compare the amount different companies will pay for it.

Shouldn’t I Just Sell It Another Way?

You can easily sell your device another way, but selling to a recycling company is usually easier, and you’ll probably get more money. When selling online, most websites will charge you a premium for listing an item for sale. This, combined with other costs like shipping and selling fees, can mean that you end up with less than you’d hoped. By selling to a recycling company, you eliminate the risk of coming across any hidden costs. Generally, the recycling company that you sell your phone to will pay for the shipping costs.

Are There Other Things I Can Sell To Fund My College Experience?

Phones are just one thing that you can sell to get more money for books. There are many recycling companies out there that will also pay you for other devices. This can include: laptops, tablets, televisions, the list goes on. Generally, anything that has cost you money in the past will at least have some value left in it. It’s a good idea to look around online and find companies that will pay you money for your old electrical devices. Depending on what you have, you could make some significant money from them. Although being poor at college is generally pretty normal, it can’t hurt to have a little bit more cash!


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