Slimware: A Simple, Trendy Reminder Not to Overeat

Every college student knows about the infamous Freshman 15, and from personal experience I know it’s a girl’s worst fear.  Slimware is a new line of plates and bowls designed to help not only college students, but everyone, control how much food they’re putting into their bodies.

Slimware is a unique line of casual dinnerware with an emphasis on portion consciousness fused with elegant, convenient dining.

See the vibrant Sunburst design below:

Sunburst Dishware via
Sunburst Dishware via

Slimware emphasizes the question: “Why waste time with the tedious task of counting calories when you can just use your eyes to limit your portions.”  Each plate provides graphically-designed areas for food placement. This is how it works:

How Slimware Works
How Slimware Works

If you eat less, you’ll weigh less plain and simple.

Slimware will change the way you LOOK at dieting!

Here are a just a few of the other designs that can be found on

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