Ameritech Financial Of California Helps Debt-laden Students

Ameritech Financial of California helps post-secondary students get out of debt. This major debt resource agency in El Dorado Hills works with graduates and individuals nearing graduation to consolidate debt and potentially clear it faster.

US Student Loan Facts

According to the Department of Education, the current student debt load in the United States is $1.24 Trillion, and the rate of default is rising. This debt figure is growing annually by approximately $125 Billion. All the while, graduates are often unaware of the many government programs available to help relieve or forgive their debt – programs that are available to them immediately after graduation.. To qualify for these Government programs, many factors are taken into consideration.. Borrowers can potentially prevent going into default if they had an understanding of how these programs could work for them. But with nearly 40% of student borrowers not making payments on time, according to the Wall Street Journal, it becomes clear that these “freely accessible” programs are more complicated than they may seem.

Ameritech Financial Review

Graduates seeking assistance regarding their financial situation call Ameritech Financial at their toll-free number and speak with a consultant. Services include an initial financial analysis,  document preparation, and processing services.

Financial Analysis

The experts at Ameritech Financial find that many Americans, even entire families, have a poor grasp of finances and lack budgeting skills. And the “Catch 22?” The more time and effort a borrower invests in his education, whether it be multiple degrees, a Masters or a Doctorate, the more indebted they’ll become. Many of these individuals are attempting to raise families, start a business, or just pay their rent or mortgage. Ameritech aims to educate and empower borrowers by providing each client with a budgetary analysis.

Document Preparation

Ameritech Financial consultants work with each borrower on an individual basis to determine which student loan repayment programs they may qualify for. The Department of Education offers federal repayment and loan forgiveness programs in which borrowers can reduce their monthly payment obligations.

Types of Student Loans

Stafford Loans, Subsidized, Unsubsidized, FFEL Loans, Plus Loans, Conslidation Loans, and Federal Perkins Loans.

About Ameritech Financial

Ameritech Financial’ goals are simple. As a student loan borrower post-graduation, there are four things you’ll need to know to effectively manage your student loan debt:

  1. A detailed understanding of your finances, budget, family household, and professional status as it relates to the different programs available.
  2. Detailed understanding of the programs that exist which you may qualify for, their advantages and disadvantages as well as how they directly apply to your specific student loan situation.
  3. Important student loan industry information, program modifications or changes, and foreseeable government action relating to student loan borrowers.

Proper document preparation and filing for specific federal programs, strategically targeted form submission time lines as well as status updates for the programs applied for through the Department of Education. If you are looking for more information or would like to speak with an Ameritech Financial representative you can call them at (800) 792-8621.

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