5 Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Before Your College Audition

In college it can be easy to sacrifice a good night’s sleep to cram extra info for a test, or let’s be honest, waste time on social media or watch YouTube videos. Here are 5 simple tips to help your college preparation and get that beauty rest so you are prepared for your college audition.

1. Include physical activity in your daily routine

Staying physically active is not only great for you, but can promote a better night’s sleep. Regular physical activity lets you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. But remember not to work out too close to bedtime, it will boost your energy and may delay your ability to fall asleep quickly. You’ll need all the sleep you can get to polish your passion. Physical activity not only promotes self-confidence, but also ensures you’ll perform at your absolute best. Look good, feel good.

2. Follow a sleep schedule

Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day develops a pattern your body wants to follow. Consistency will create a positive habit that allows you to be in complete control of your rest, while maximizing your waking hours. Learning your sleep schedule will help you better plan your rest.

3. Watch what you eat and drink

Avoid sugar, caffeine and other things that could disrupt your sleep. Going to sleep hungry or too stuffed could cause bathroom breaks. By cutting out stimulants and monitoring your intake in the hours before bed, you create less variables that could interrupt your rest. Eating healthy foods and eating on schedule will make this process easier. Reduce your intake of sugars as an easy and simple first step. There are tons of articles online about the variety of ways this will improve your health, not just your sleep.

4. Create a comfortable environment

The ideal room for sleeping will guarantee you the best rest. Make sure that you have comfortable bedding, room darkening shades, earplugs or eye coverings. Turn off anything that could cause noise or disrupt the experience.  Simple things like making sure your room is clean, your tasks are all completed and your environment is free of encumbrances will make the process even easier. When you’re not preparing for college, take some time to think through your ideal sleeping environment and take the steps to create it.

5. Tune out

Clearing your mind and allowing the stresses of the day to escape you is crucial. When your mind wanders, you don’t allow your heart rate to decrease or your muscles to relax, and coasting off to sleep becomes increasingly more difficult. Let your day wash away and know that by leaving your thoughts you are entering a state of nirvana that will prepare you for tomorrow. Your college preparatory program relies on you being your best.

Often, breathing techniques and soothing music can help calm your mind and initiate a restful sleep. Investigate which options work the best for you by doing some research, trying new and interesting options and exploring what works the best for you and your rest.

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