University Guide: A Career in Beauty

Determine what cosmetology career and beauty program works the best for you.

Your future cosmetology career deserves great support, and some beauty programs surpass the rest. Of course, all education is important. Yet many challenging programs contain excellent, preparatory features capable of creating solid learning foundations. You area’s available options may be suitable, and distant institutions may be well-worth the travel. Let’s look at the traits apparent in top beauty programs:

Trait One: Accreditation

Accreditation proves a cosmetology school’s worth. Many accredited institutions, like Marinello Schools of Beauty offer supreme education with great value, credits and recognition. A quality beauty program is governed by the National Accrediting Commission for Career Arts & Sciences, and it’s recognized by the industry’s U.S. Department of Education. Being accredited is a huge asset to beauty schools, as accreditation often depicts high caliber learning program, educational value and course efficiency.

That said, finding an accredited program is important, too. Beauty Schools Directory, among other popular blogs, assist individuals with locating competitive schools credited with years of success, outstanding efforts and deep industry understanding.

Trait Two: A Good On-Campus Salon

University Guide: A Career in Beauty

University Guide: A Career in Beauty

Most beauty schools maintain on-campus beauty salons, and every cosmetology program worth its weight features great services. Understandably, a beauty program with an excellent on-campus salon produces great results.

Community discount services, realistic work environments, repeat clientele, student work opportunities and customer interaction should all be considered, here.

Professional student-run salons provide fantastic experiences.

Trait Three: Consistent Course Requirements

Sure, beauty school course requirements should evolve with the surrounding industry, but consistent environments make great programs. Currently, the nation’s top cosmetology schools are focusing on student training seminars and beauty preparations. Getting a cosmetology license requires an effective curriculum, and an effective curriculum is bred from high-quality tests, rules and experiences.

Trait Four: Teamwork Environments

The modern beauty world has become contingent upon teamwork. High-quality beauty schools create excellent careers by offering constructive criticism, teamwork projects and group workshops. Of course, your cosmetology program, in the end, is self-serving. However, modern workplaces value certification delivered through a university well-known for its teamwork practices.

Additionally, teamwork practices in cosmetology programs breeds an in-depth understanding of modern beauty culture. Students are urged to connect with future coworkers, discussing new trends, industry directions and changing policies.

Trait Five: Curriculum Customization

University Guide: A Career in Beauty

Once you’ve chosen your school or program, choose your curriculum.

While teamwork is a valuable asset of any cosmetology program, customized coursework is similarly important.

In many ways, great programs become great from immersive coursework and custom-tailored work design. The beauty world takes form in many areas, and courses designed to accommodate for a dynamic work environment thrive.

Trainers, teachers and courses should contain a certain degree of flexibility. They should cater to the student.

While certification is an endgame goal, and while educational standards must prevail to ensure total competence, much can be said for a program facilitating every student’s needs. Makeup artists should be granted specialization opportunities. Many diverse fields exist in the beauty world—each with its own needs.

Settling on a Program

In the end, your needs should retain the most voting power. While time, distance, money and course difficulty are great considerations, everyone is different. If you want to become a hair stylist, a makeup artist or a salon manager, cosmetology school is for you. However, each profession does carry its own needs. While one institution may provide all-around educational opportunities, another may maintain high popularity for the specialized area you wish to join.

Your compatibility, above all, should be a determining factor. Your personality is different than every other student’s, and great makeup artists require patience and a delicate approach to education. A long, rigorous program won’t help you if it can’t accommodate your needs. No matter the case, beauty school is challenging. It is, however, highly rewarding—granting students lifetime opportunities alongside the wealth of knowledge education provides.

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