Extending Smartphone Battery Life

Most of the time, smartphones are just plain awesome. That awesomeness factor decreases, though, if you can’t actually use your device; short battery life is the bane of almost every smartphone owner’s life. There is almost nothing quite as annoying as having your phone die in the middle of an important email, or an awesome game, or a conversation with that special someone. So what’s a poor college student to do?

Avoiding Drain

There are a number of ways to preserve battery life, as the infographic below by Mybullfrog illustrates. Some of these tips are fairly obvious, but others might not be—did you know keeping your phone in your pocket can affect battery life?

Helpful Tips

You’ll definitely want to make every bar in that little battery icon count. Take a look at this infographic to pick up some great tricks for keeping your phone alive.

Improve The Battery Life of Your Smartphone | Mybullfrog Infographic
Presented by mybullfrog

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